i want to join

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everyone in my family has been a part of saving and fighting for their country i always wanted to be apart of it as well ever since i was a child it had my attention i love things that are hands on and fast pace.

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mistycat26 (not verified)

i want to join what do i have to do

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So you want to join the Army?

The first step in recruitment is to talk to a recruiter. You can look up the nearest one on Google or in your phone book (in the blue pages).

If you have questions about your eligibility for enlistment please take a look at http://www.army.com/info/usa/eligibility - this page has a lot of detailed information about things that will disqualify you.

If you have any other questions, we will do our best to answer, but keep in mind the final word is only given by your local recruiter, which is why you should contact one!

Strikerhawk21 (not verified)
i want to join but dont know if i can...

i want to join the army but i seen you cant if you dont have a diploma or GED. i went through homeschool but never recieved a diploma from them after i graduated and they never answered our phone calls when i was younger. i had a rough life growing up and basically every male in my family was either in the marines, navy, or national guard. i want to better my life and was wondering am i still eligable to join even tho i dont have either one.

MSG Glenn
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You're required...

...to have either a high school diploma or a GED plus 15 level 100 college credits. There are times that you can enlist with a GED only but those times aren't often & they only let in a limited amount of people.

Strikerhawk21 (not verified)
So i cant join if i dont have

So i cant join if i dont have either one. i would have to get a GED and still there is a slim chance of getting in?

MSG Glenn
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That's right unless you can...

...get a diploma for your homeschooling. At this time if you have a GED you'll also need those 15 college credits. I might add that the college has to be acceptable to the Army & not from a "diploma mill".

As I always say - check with a Recruiter. He's just a phone call away. Without a high school diploma you'll need a GED at least.

dthib84 (not verified)
do yal except high school

do yal except high school diploma accredited by Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education (UAAOE)

MSG Glenn
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You'll have to...

...check with a Recruiter on that one. Some are accepted & some are not. He'll have a list of those which are acceptable. It's possible that if it's not acceptable that you may be treated as a GED enlistee. At this time those with GEDs are also required to have 15 series 100 college credits. Sometimes there are openings for a few that have the GED with no college credits. If you have 15 college credits you don't even need a GED to enlist.