How do I join the Army as an Officer

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I have 2 bachelor of science degrees in Engineering (double major in Civil & Geomatics Engineering) and I wanted to know how do I enlist as an officer? I know some military knowledge due to family and friends serving our country, but wanted to know the steps of how to go about enlisting as an officer with a degree.

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MSG Glenn
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First off you should contact your closest Army Recruiting Station. Tell them what you want to do & they can give you advice.

College grads can join the Officer Corps in several ways but the one you'll probably get is the Officer Candidate School, OCS. Being a college grad with a bachelor or higher degree or multiple degrees isn't the only criteria to being selected. Your GPA, physical exam, interviews, what field your degree is in, etc. You'll probably have to be able to pass a physical fitness test. Once you're accepted you'll be given a date in which to report to Basic Combat Training along with those who joined as an enlisted person. Upon graduation you'll be sent to OCS. The course isn't designed to be easy & while you're a student you'll be paid the same as a SGT E5. When you graduate you'll be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, 2LT & sometime before that you'll be branched to Infantry, Engineer Officer, Supply, Personnel, Armor, Artillery or wherever the Army needs Officers. It won't necessarily be the field in which you hold a degree but that could very well be the deciding factor. Those that hold the highest standings in the class will be selected to the branch they have chosen. The needs of the Army trumps everything. I'm almost sure that you would fit in as an Engineer Officer but that won't be a sure thing nor is branch a contractible
factor in most cases.

I've given you this information as I see it. It could be different from what I've heard. The last person I know who has gone through OCS hasn't been heard from for quite a while. Last I heard from him was his announcement that he had made CPT & then I didn't hear from him after that. That was at least 2 years ago. He's a Signal Officer.

It's best to get the latest information on Army policy from a Recruiter who specializes in Officer recruiting. For all I know the Army might even be direct commissioning for those who hold a much needed specialty but I doubt it. Ask about it, though.

There is another way you can join to be an Officer & that is try for Warrant Officer. Your branch would be set then. WOs are highly skilled technicians. You would attend Warrant Officer Candidate School, WOCS & get the rank of WO1 at graduation. If OCS is not available you might want to ask about that path. I believe education isn't necessarily a factor but it would sure help.

Good luck & please let me know what info you get & your progress. I need info from people like you so I can pass it on.

Thanks for considering the Army as a career.