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To whoever can help me out. So I got out of active duty in November 2011, I was a 11B for 4 years and have one combat deployment, to sum it up I got out for all the wrong reasons, anyways I am wanting to get back in and I just recently tried, I was disqualified because when I got out I went through the VA and they helped me out on some issues I was having with some non prescribed pills, I have been clean since then and am in the best shape of my life! but now it is documented and it was a crushing blow when i got the news on that my "problem" through up a red flag, my recruiter pretty much tossed me aside and said there is nothing I can do.. I find that hard to believe, I want this and need this, so if you have had similar problems like this i would like to know what to do, or if you are a recruiter then please help me.


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MSG Glenn
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@ donato

I'm sorry for the situation you find yourself in. If your Recruiter has told you that you're a no-go then you'll have to take him at his word. The Army's enlistment policies have really tightened up these last few years. Downsizing & the war in Afghanistan winding down, couple that with a bad civilian job market & you find the Army highly selective in recruitment. Don't give up. Try again sometime in the future. Policies change along with world conditions.

Good luck!