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About making a section for future soldiers? Maybe a section where people can talk about jobs they got, their experience, post pics of their oath? Could be a good section and get a lot of traffic!

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I assume you're talking about

I assume you're talking about a forum-type area for people who have enlisted/been to MEPS/signed their contract but haven't yet shipped out to Basic.

While that's a good thought, I'm not sure such a narrow window of time would lend itself to a lot of traffic. We have a variety of forums setup for those who are thinking about enlisting (that get a lot of traffic) and several more forums setup for those currently in the Army (Enlisted, Warrant, and Officers) that don't get nearly as much traffic.

Thanks for the idea, though - I'll be sure to bring it up during a meeting sometime.

Thanks again for all your help!

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Clarification appreciated

The forums absolutely need to be reconfigured. I was guessing when I set up the various categories and forum "rooms" a couple of years ago. I would love to have input on what sections to kill and what sections we need to add.

Outside of the forums, I'm more interested in specifics on what information you'd like to see. To be completely honest, this site is built and maintained by a handful of people and being able to prioritize tasks to ensure we maximize our efforts helps us know our work effort is time well spent.

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Ok cool ya it was a thought.

Ok cool ya it was a thought. You know now 95 percent of our guys tend to be in the DEP for at least 6 months. Quick ships are almost extinct. A friend of mine joined last week and leaves in January.

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I think you guys...

...who run this site are doing a great job & I hope it's making money for you. I found it by accident close to a couple of years ago when I clicked on the other "army.com", now defunct, by accident. Any improvements are always welcome but I realize that it's not always the easiest thing to do.