Guard or Reserves-and age limit for OCS

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What is the true difference in Guard and Reserve?

I am currently 33 yrs-am I too old for OCS in either of the above?

Are there MOS' that will get me in quicker? Have heard of the quick ship.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
Too old? Guard/Reserve?

I believe you're too old. I know the cutoff date for OCS is 29 & to become a Flight Warrant it's 32. That's the only way to become a Warrant from direct entry. For all of the rest of the Warrant Officer programs you need to be an NCO in a few certain MOSs. For instance - Infantry has no Warrant Officers in that MOS. Most states have their own OCS program for Guardsmen & some Reservists can attend, too. I don't know what the requirements are.

The Army National Guard & the Army Reserve are both Reserve Components of the US Army. The major difference between the two is the National Guard can be activated by the State Governor as well as the President & Congress.

I advise seeing a Recruiter fast. You're starting to run out of time just to get in the Army due to age. The cutoff date for enlisting is now 35 but I've heard it might drop to 32 in the near future. You'll have to see an Army Guard Recruiter if that's the branch you want to go in. They have their own Recruiters. Then see a Regular Army Recruiter. He can enlist Reserves as well as Active Army. See who can give you the best deal if there are any deals to be had at all.