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I leave March 13th 2012 for Benning just curious as to what is in store for me over my 14 week stay there everything from physical to the mental part. Thanks for your help.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: Infantry OSUT

The first week will probably be your worst. You'll be in 40 AG, the Reception Battalion. Once you get into the actual OSUT training you'll be just fine. It's tough but not tough enough that you'll be run ragged. As a future Infantryman you'll want to have good, hard Infantry training. My son went through it in '04 & didn't find it to be very challenging. He was in superb shape because he went in with an Option 40 Ranger contract & was well prepared. I made sure of that. He was a varsity wrestler in HS & had been doing Judo since he was 9. I was his coach for both.

I suggest that you get into good physical condition & try to be able to pass the APFT with a good score before you ship. That alone will make it much easier. If you smoke quit right now. You don't need to have withdrawal symptoms or lungs that don't function at full capacity.

Each new Soldier will have different conceptions of OSUT. Some can handle the separation from home & family just fine while others struggle. Each Drill SGT has their own personality but all are very good in what they do.

There is no really good time of the year but March is not too bad. You'll have a combination of cold & warm weather. By March Georgia is going into spring & by June it'll be summer but not exactly the hottest time of the year down there.

Good luck!

Go in with the thought that you'll enjoy your experience & come out of it being one of the best trained Soldiers in the world.

Jaggerskyherndon (not verified)
Thanks A lot I've started

Thanks A lot I've started running and been going to my local recruiting PT which they work us hard. So I'll be in shape by the time I leave. I appreciate you help!

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

Do some PT on your own, too. Don't overdo it, though. The one thing you don't want to do is injure yourself. Run every other day & do push-ups & sit-ups daily. A system I can recommend is while watching TV alternate push-ups & sit-ups each time a commercial comes on.

On non-running days do some other form of cardio exercises like long hikes, biking, swimming, etc. Get those lungs working.

If you follow a good program then by the time you get to BCT you'll do just fine. My philosophy is if the morning run is the highlight of your day you're in good shape.