Failed Top Secret Clearance for the U.S. Army with Misdemeanor?

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Hello! To start I just have a question and wanted more info on the matter!

I had a misdemeanor when I was 19 or 20 years old (about 4 years ago now when I was still doing stupid things): Graffiti charge under $500 restitution paid off. Apparently my recruiter tells me that I have already unofficially failed to obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance because of that said charge and they will tell me when they finish it up in about a month. I did make it known the entire time that I had been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor and brought along my paperwork/court documents.

Would there be any reason to fail me because of that misdemeanor? Can I appeal that decision? Or have anything done to question it? Should I wait for the investigation to be officially over before deciding what to do next?

I have already registered for another visit to MEPS to enlist for a new MOS (under the advise of my recruiter). I was planning to use this time to also ask the Security Liaison Officer about why I failed even though she called and obtained a waiver for that charge (for the clearance).

Any help/advice would be appreciated! I posted this on yahoo answers but figured the army forums would be a better place to get this answered.

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MSG Glenn
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Top Secret Disqualification

Very likely your misdemeanor could keep you for being cleared for TS. Your Recruiter knows more about it than me. It's possible you'd be given a waiver. I really can't say. Your charges didn't include theft or violence so in my mind that's a help but Top Secret is very serious & they'll deny anyone with even a hint of trouble in their background.

Give it time. If it takes a month to find out for sure then wait it out. Meanwhile start thinking of a different MOS just in case.