Dual citizen with the United Kingdom, Do I need to give that up?

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Went to a recruiter today and even he is unsure of this,

If I want to join the Army do I need to give up my UK citizenship?
I am currently a dual citizen, I have both an american and british passport
My dad was in the AF and was stationed over there, where my mom is full british. Therefor making me a US citizen because of my dad being stationed over there and him being american.

I have read that I just wont be able to get many jobs that require a security clearance, but still not sure if thats 100% correct.

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Army Recruiter
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hmm good question...

I will never act like I know everything about recruiting being how much it changes. This will have to be one I research on. I do believe you can only hold one citizen ship which that being American. But I will research and get back to you.

MSG Glenn
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You can only hold...

...a US citizenship. All that's required is that you renounce your UK citizenship.

I don't know how that will affect getting a security clearance.