DQ'd for police report?!

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Long story short,

My brother's wife went loony and said some sh** about me and my than 8 year old niece, To the police. Never arrested nor ever stood in a court room. This was back in 2010, but police did come by and say,"Hello".. I ended up voluntarily (Driving myself) to speak to the detective. Nothing came out of this and was forgotten until today. They were looking for any domestic, drug, convictions (Due to claims during divorce) and nothing was found. I was good to go. Than, I get the call saying I am disqualified for a report (Back in 2010) claiming "Sexual misconduct w/ a minor".. Totally embarrassing, That it was even brought up and I denied everything from the get go... Nothing was made out of any of this because I was innocent.

How can someone's non official "opinion", That never aspired to anything, Due to far fetched claims, be demoralizing and to keep someone from serving his country?

Anything? Or am I screwed because of some psycho's blind ambition to screw me over?

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MSG Glenn
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How long ago did you see a Recruiter only to be rejected? The military has been granting more waivers lately but there are some of them that are never granted.

What happened to you is not common but I've definitely heard it before. All this means is the Army treats legal problems differently than civilian courts & law enforcement. There are some laws that are misdemeanors in the civilian world but are considered felonies in the Army for example. I have a feeling the Army just doesn't want to take a chance.