Do you have a GED?

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If so then read this first!

The Army IS now accepting GED's but for how long this will go on is unsure. So some major things to make sure before going to talk to a recruiter are in the following few paragraphs.

Ok to start to clarify you can join with just a GED. This is having a GED and not having 15 college credits. If you have 15 college credits for courses 100 level and higher then you are considered a high school graduate.

So first before going to see a recruiter I would ask you to think about this:

Do you have any law charges? This includes anything dismissed, expunged, set aside, adult and juvenile! If you do then how serious were they? If it was drug related what so ever then you can not join. If you have multiple that charges for example a DUI and theft charge that was valued at more then $500 dollars then you would be a wavier which you can not join with right now. So if you in your judgement are good and do not have many then go ahead and move on.

Now do you have any major medical that might consider you a wavier? examples are taking medication for a medical reason or major surgery. Then there is a possibility you might not be able to join either! Having a GED means you have to go through a system of checks and evaluated on a "T" Level. If you have no medical and no laws then you will be a T1. If for some reason classified a T2 then your not allowed to join at this time. One easy way to be hit with a T2 is needing a medical wavier. So beware.

Besides those two major points there shouldn't be to many more issues. So good luck and happy hunting!

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