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I have a question. I was discharged out of the army in Fort.Knox for believeing to have asthma. I never had breathing problems in my life. i did track,wrestling, and etcccc in highschool. i was having problems breathing up their but of course due to the fact i never been out the state of Florida. I have the paperwork stating i don't have asthma at all. just allergies. so what do i do ?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: Discharge Question

The only thing I can recommend is to contact a Recruiter. Normally asthma that late in life is a disqualifier. You'll more than likely have to have a civilian doc check you over & document the fact that your diagnosis of asthma was a misdiagnose. Then you have the problem of enlisting as prior service. Somehow the doc will have to come up with the fact that you suffered from a temporary condition, more than likely an allergy.

Get with a Recruiter very soon. In a few weeks they'll get very busy with high school & college graduates & they might not want to bother with you. They can make mission in a very short time with no-issue recruits & won't have to deal with those that have problems. It's time consuming for them & they can probably process a bunch of them in the time it takes to work with you. First find out whether you have a chance to enlist at all.

Good luck!

SG Nutron
Joined: 04/10/2011

First of all did you receive a medical discharge? What was the status of the discharge, Uncharacterized, General discharge, what does your DD-214 or seperation state? Are you looking to rejoin or just want to fix the problem? First of all I would contact a recruiter, if you have a doctors note stating you do not have asthma I would assume you should be able to re-join or fix your discharge issue "which I am assuming is the problem". The recruiter can give you a direction in which to go.

Best of luck to you.

owarren79 (not verified)
wanting to re enlist but no record can be found of me.

I would like to rejoin the army but I have no idea as to what or where my dd214 is and what it say whats my re enlistment code or anything. i have been out since 2002. i have tried contacting the ppl but they keep saying they cant find me anywhere. can someone please help me i have been going throught this since i got out in 2002. and i need answers. can someone please help me.

SG Nutron
Joined: 04/10/2011
Here is what you can do.

Go to this site, http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/. This is the St.Louis personnal department for the Army. Click on page for personnal files and seperation orders. Print out the sheets and fill them out exactly how it says. Next fax your sheets to the number they give you on the bottom of the printed out sheets. Within 2 weeks you should receive what you are looking for in the mail.

Best of luck.

adcermak (not verified)
No records found

I have the same problem as the last person, no DD214, only I got out in 1998.
The bigger problem is I have filled out those forms several times over the last 10yrs,
sent them to St Louis like you suggested, yet I get the same form letter back stating
"Thank you for your service but we have no record of you." Now I do still have some of my old LES's as well as my AIT graduation certificate. If someone could give me any helpful suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
I really don't know...

...what to tell you adcermak.

Maybe you can give the VA a call to see if they can advise you on anything. Explain everything to them & tell them that you have those documents proving you served. If they can't give you an answer I'll bet they know someone who can.

Although I don't know for sure but there might be a different avenue to take if you got out before 180 days of active duty. Even in attempting to enlist again you'll be classified as "glossary prior service".

If you have over 180 days of service you may be entitled to benefits that you can't get if you can't prove you were ever in, ie a DD 214.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
You won't find ...

...it the easiet thing to do to enlist as Prior Service. It depends on which rank you left the Army as & what MOSs are available for retraining. You won't necessarily go back with the same MOS that you left with. You'll more than likely have to take BCT & AIT/OSUT over again. The Business Rules for enlisting Prior Service change monthly depending on the needs of the Army. You'll also pretty much have to have been awarded an RE code of 1 although some 2s have a chance of coming back in if waivers are being granted. That DD 214 is important for you to get.

Did you finish a complete enlistment or were you asked to leave? That can make the difference depending on your reason for being forced out if that was the case. The Army has no shortages of recruits so they can be very selective in who they let in.

Good luck in finding your DD 214. Let us know if you get it, please.