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How do I know when my son deployed to Afghanistan this week.

Should my son give his life during missions, do they contact both parents or just one?? Both of us, his father & I had to sign/authorize him to join the Army (divorced parents).

Please advise...

Still in shock,

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
About the only thing...

...I can think of is to call his unit in the States. There'll be a rear detachment & maybe they'll tell you. Normally they keep individual troop movements fairly secret but if you explain the situation it'll help. If he's a Ranger or in Special Forces they won't give you the time of day but try anyway.

Don't worry about them notifying you. He'll be just fine. When you call his stateside unit tell them to make sure that you're on the notification list.

I took so long to answer you because I wasn't sure & hoped someone who knew answered first. Sorry to keep you hanging, PYates.

Joined: 06/02/2014
Military SCAMS

I met this guy on FB and He said he was deployed to Afghanistan on his last misson. He told me that he needed money in order to come home and told me how much he loved me and wanted to marry me. Well ,I fell hard for him because I had been a widow since 2011. I sent him everything he ask for Iphone 650.00, watch 150.00, 2500.00 in cash to come home. I know it sounds crazy but I sent it all to him. I kept the e-mails & text message. Also is the Ustransit Militarybase 000111( real place.
Please help me find out the truth.

Marilyn Dillow

Joined: 08/16/2010

Like MSG Glenn said, unfortunately you've been the victim of a fairly popular scam. Here is some more information about military-related scams:

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Marilyn

You've been scammed, Marilyn. I never heard of that place. If it was a real military address it would end in dot mil.

Soldiers never need money to come home from any assignment. The Army provides transportation, food & lodging.

Maybe it's a good idea for you to get off of Facebook, the site of viruses, ID theft & scams. I won't go near it. My daughter hangs out there & picked up a virus that affected her whole contact list & each person on that list infected others. Fortunately most anti virus programs caught it in time.