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How do I know when my son deployed to Afghanistan this week.

Should my son give his life during missions, do they contact both parents or just one?? Both of us, his father & I had to sign/authorize him to join the Army (divorced parents).

Please advise...

Still in shock,

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
About the only thing...

...I can think of is to call his unit in the States. There'll be a rear detachment & maybe they'll tell you. Normally they keep individual troop movements fairly secret but if you explain the situation it'll help. If he's a Ranger or in Special Forces they won't give you the time of day but try anyway.

Don't worry about them notifying you. He'll be just fine. When you call his stateside unit tell them to make sure that you're on the notification list.

I took so long to answer you because I wasn't sure & hoped someone who knew answered first. Sorry to keep you hanging, PYates.