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please help if u can...I'm 36 and married w 4 dependents a yr ago i signed over residential custody of my kids to my x, their father due to economic downfall of small business i owned went under. he never paid child support but has as of the last 2 yrs taken care of the kids now that he remarried and has a good job. i passed the asvab with score of 90 and physical with flying colors. usarec denied my dependency waiver due to the fact that my x never paid child support and they feel he will not take proper care of the kids while i am in training. we backed everything up with certified docs from the court stating the transfer of residential custody and since he owes me $80,000 in back child support i don't owe him. i have not had any income for 18 months so being in the army would be a huge help to our of may 1st i will be to old to join (a week away). am contacting my representative on mon for any assistance they could provide. any ideas would be appreciated...don't understand why i'm penalized for my x's shortcomings and would never leave my kids in a bad situation.

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SG Nutron
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dependency waiver

I would contact the recruiter to see if there is anymore they can do. The Army has a dependancy limit on the amount of children you can have and enlist in the military, I believe no more than two to first time enlisted members any more you will need a waiver. The military is becomeing very strict in who they let in and who they do not, not to be rude but they would rather have a young individual who has no issues and is easy to enlist. Also if you had been prior service you should have no problems enlisting. Sorry you are having this issue, which there was more I could do to help.

You may also want to try contacting another recruiter. The waiver is passed up the chain, the recruiter has no power over whether it is approved or not.

pantojasmiguel (not verified)
has any one got the same issue i had and got into the army

Mine is not so much of a issue I just need waiver for depenets I'm 28 years old married with 3kids has any one got in with the same issue I have thanks

MSG Glenn
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Shouldn't be a problem

See a Recruiter to find out if a waiver is possible if one is required. It should be okay as long as the kids have someone to take care of them. If you find out anything different then please come back on & let us know.