Dep and 15 college credits?

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I am currently enrolled at my local community college. Come aug 10th I will have 12 credits...I will also be enrolled in 10 more for fall quarter. I need 22 because they are quarters not semesters. I will have 22 by dec 14th. Anyhow I was wondering can I go into DEP now or do I need to wait till I have all 22 credits? Thanks so much in advance!

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Sonnys

You can be in the DEP for up to a year or a little longer if necessary to finish your education if it's required for your enlistment.

If you're enrolled in a course that will get you the required credits needed for your enlistment you can see a Recruiter & start the enlistment process.

Good luck!