In Demand MOS in Germany?

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Anyone know what's in demand over in Germany? I really want to go there if I can successfully enlist.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Jeff

I see you're trying for the Active Duty Army, LOL. Disregard what I said about the Reserve Components in the other post above, LOL. The US Army in Germany used to be heavy in Armor but I can assume all MOSs are available.

At this time as far as I know there are no enlistment contracts for unit of choice or duty station of choice. The only reasonable assurance of duty assignments would be Airborne (you'd be assigned to one of the Airborne units), Rangers (you'd be assigned to one of the battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment) & Special Forces (you'd be assigned to a Special Forces unit). LOL, LOL.

I can't guarantee it but the Army used to give you a wish list (called a dream sheet in the Navy) letting them know where you'd like to serve. In most instances they like to get you as close as possible. In the Navy I listed New London, CT when I was in submarines & got Key West, FL, & wound up at Little Creek, VA when I was in UDT/SEALs. In the Army I chose Ft.Bragg, NC & got it because that's where the 82nd Airborne is. I could have easily gotten Italy or Alaska where there are also Airborne units. The 82nd is the largest, though.

The whole deal is a crap-shoot. The needs of the Army take preference over everything.