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Karan Rai
Joined: 07/14/2012

Hey guys, hope you can help me out! I am a 22 year old male, graduating college next year. Recently I've been thinking more and more about enlisting. I immigrated to this country and I really want to give back in some way. One issue I'm having is that I'm only a permanent resident, and will only have been so for about 2 years by the time I plan to enlist. I've done some googling and I think I would still qualify right? Also, would this just restrict me to joining as an enlisted solider? Or could I attempt to go through officer training? Also, is there any option you recommend for someone with a college degree and a medical interest? Or does that really not matter?

Sorry for the boatload of questions, but I'd appreciate any help! I apologize in advance if I'm being naive about some things.

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
@ Karan Rai

Here is the citizenship requirement to enlist in the US Army -

"You must be a born, naturalized, or otherwise legal citizen of the United States." That includes "Green Card" holders.

It appears that you meet that requirement. There may be some MOSs you won't be allowed to choose due to security clearance issues. Once you receive your citizenship & are qualified for a security clearance you can go into those MOSs that require one. You'll also be able to apply for a commission through Officer programs for enlisted people. (Green to Gold is one of them). Be advised that it's become increasingly difficult to go into Officer Training due to the Army's downsizing just as it's been increasingly difficult to enlist. If you accept whatever offer the Army gives you you'll be just fine. Get your foot in the door & opportunities of all sorts will come.

I believe that to become an Officer you must be a US citizen or naturalized US citizen. That something the Army can help you with. Just a short while ago there was a big ceremony of US Military Active Duty members receiving their US Citizenship.

There are programs for those with medical degrees. The Army may even send you back to school at Army expense. An AMEDD Recruiter can help you find information. As it is to enlist with a bachelors degree in any field will automatically get you the rank of Specialist, E-4.

Time for you to see a Recruiter & get the ball rolling. He'll be able to tell you about all of the latest policies. If you qualify for any any sort of medical commission or additional schools he can direct you to an AMEDD (Army Medical Department) Recruiter. I know that doctors are exempt from some citizenship requirements. In any event he can tell you if he thinks you qualify for anything in that field. If not you can enlist as Health Care Specialist, MOS 68W or any other available MOS in the 68-series. There are quite a few but I have no idea which ones have openings & are available.

Good luck & stay in touch telling us of your progress.

Karan Rai
Joined: 07/14/2012

I appreciate all the info! I will get in touch with a Recruiter to facilitate things and will definitely update this.