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I was wondering if I considered joining the army now with a college degree what is the procedure? Do I need to be a certain weight? Do I go to basic training? Am I too old?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!
take care

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

The first & only procedure you need to join the Army is to contact a Recruiter. He/she is the only one who can enlist you.

A college degree, bachelors I assume, will let you have a chance of becoming an officer. You would need to get a 09S contract which gives you basic training & then Officer Candidate School. At this time only about 10% of those trying to get that 09S contract are being accepted. Your second option is to join as an enlisted person. With that degree you can come into the Army as a SPC, E-4. That's the highest rank anyone can enlist with. Everybody who joins the Army goes to basic training known as Basic Combat Training or BCT & everyone goes to a school for the job they take after BCT. Officer candidates go to OCS, enlisted members go to Advanced Individual Training, AIT.

You definitely have to be a certain weight. That's determined by your height & age. That's a requirement not just to join but all the while you're in the Army you must be at or under the maximum weight. Here is the height/age/weight table -

Height/Weight Chart For Females

The maximum age for enlistment is 35 years old.

This is probably the best time to enlist in the Army. Recruiting will be at its slowest until about mid - January due to the holidays. Even so Recruiters are busy. The present economic situation & the difficulty in finding a job is driving many to join the Military. Even though this may be the "slow time" it still might be busier than previous years. Don't wait until May or June to see a Recruiter. That's the busiest time with all of the high school & college graduates & remains busy all summer. Many don't realize that they can enlist before graduation & be in delayed entry until they graduate at the earliest. At this time it take about 4-6 months or longer to ship to basic training after signing an enlistment contract, depending on what job you take & the availability of space in the basic training classes.

Contact a Recruiter soon. Meanwhile study for the ASVAB & start getting in good physical shape. Start doing research on what job you'd like to do in the Army.

barbara.williams (not verified)
Thank you!

Thank you MSG Glenn! I appreciate your help in this process. I look forward to this opportunity.

Take care

shawn06 (not verified)
College Degree

Hi MSG Glenn, I have my Bachelors of Science in Respiratory Therapy but it is not Regionally accredited. Do you know if that would suffice for the OCS?

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I'm not MSG Glenn, but if

I'm not MSG Glenn, but if it's not accredited regionally I would call a recruiter. I think they must be accredited schools to count, but a recruiter would be able to find out for sure.

MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010

Even if your Recruiter finds that your school counts towards a bachelors in the Army's eyes OCS is exteremely difficult to get into. There are more applicants than available slots so it's only the best of the best that get it.

In your situation I think you'd be working through an Army Medical Department Recruiter. Find out from a local Recruiter. If that's the case any Recruiter can hook you up.

In any event you won't know for sure until a Recruiter is contacted. Do it very soon. This is usually the slowest time of the year for you & there's less of a chance of him blowing you off because he's too busy to bother with anyone other than a ready-to-go, no problem prospect.