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very interested in this, is this a popular slot and easy to get into? im going to be going to aircraft electrician school does this gaurentee me getting a job doing that. If not would they send me to shool for cav scout if i had a choice?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
You Always have a Choice

If you want to go into Aviation to be an electrician then just ask for an MOS 15T, Aircraft Electrician contract. You'll be guaranteed training in that MOS after basic. If there are no openings at that time then you have a decision - wait until it opens or pick a different MOS. MOS 19D, Cavalry Scout, usually has openings as most Combat Arms MOSs do.

The fact that you have schooling in that field doesn't guarantee you anything but a contract for what you want does. A slot in the MOS school has to be there & the needs of the Army for 15Ts has to be there otherwise you'll be out of luck but only temporarily until there are openings. A Recruiter can reserve a seat in the school for a short while, I think 2 weeks, so nobody else grabs it in the meantime but the only time you have a guarantee is when you go to MEPS, take the ASVAB & physical & get with a career Counselor who will then write your contract if your test scores qualify you for it.