can anyone help me continue the direction i'm headed towards joining the Army

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Hello I'm 32 yrs old and I had 2 criminal domestic charges I was found not guilty by bench trial and they were expunged because the courts never removed the fact I was not charged and had it pending for 12/13 yrs but I have all paperwork

I also had a breach of trust w/fraudulent intent that was dismissed without any conditions or pleas with paperwork saying this also, so i was never charged or entered the court room.

this is the problem I'm having I have 4 driving under suspensions 2 failure to appear for traffic violations basically old traffic tickets i didn't pay 1 Dui 10 days time served 2010. 1 publicly disorderly conduct not drinking involved, 1 false information by making a false complaint,1 Grand Larceny 2 yrs probation completed successfully charged in 2008.

So That's: 5 Traffic violations
2 Non Traffic
1 Misconduct
1 Major misconduct
Every single charge I was ever convicted of even all the way down to the traffic violations was Pardoned Nov 2016 in which it's a full Pardon where all civil rights were restored even on my sled report when finger printed it says all are pardoned. I have taken the asvab March 2017 and I scored a 31. I've also provided all court documents to recruiters along with Pardon certificate. I've done applications and applicant statement I always get told next is physical and commander interview but I never see it I'm always getting a call say they don't want to process me or move forward. I have done a lot and gotten very far on this journey of trying to join since 2012 and I can't give up now that i'm closer than ever before. i had one recruiter who said his supervisor said to send it up but he's 3 hours away from me and my little beat up car won't make that. But how is it possible to get me pushed through to the waiving authority because the recruiters aren't being helpful and resourceful. It's been basically 7 yrs since I've done anything my Pardon in 2016 was not a condition or plea agreement it was something I done on my own to continue to better myself as a productive human being and follow my dream of being a service member

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MSG Glenn
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I sure wish I could help you from this end. Sorry to say only a Recruiter can help. Since Recruiting Offices are mainly found in large population areas that makes it tough for rural folks. Sometimes Recruiters will travel but just locally.

These days I really can't get a hold of the waiver system. The Military is in the process of upsizing & this time of year - between Thanksgiving until about mid-January - Recruiters are the slowest & waivers normally are easier to have approved. It SHOULD be easier to enlist with issues. Bear in mind - the Army can view expunged records & it's possible that your legal problems might be a bit too much. The Army considers legal issues differently than civilian courts. Sometimes a misdemeanor is considered a felony by the Military.

The only thing I can suggest is to try to get to the Recruiting station. If you have to have someone give you a ride there or rent a car that might be the only way.

Good luck!

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hey thank you for the advice

thanks i sure will try my father was a recruiter for the coast guard and he told me even though I was found not guilty for the 2 Cdv's and the breach of trust was dismissed without conditions to give it to them anyway with my pardon because they shouldn't be a problem being I was never convicted or did anything to get them dropped but. but I'm try to go see a national guard recruiter in my 20 minutes away from me tomorrow and I'm hoping to have some luck because the air force reserve is strict and i'm hoping since they were could do it so could the army But I'm hoping they view my me as the air force only needing two waivers for the dui and the grand larceny and hope they see my pardon as a form of rehabilitation and me being on the right side of the laws for sometime even after i was pardoned because I dream of being a combat engineer and also wanting to go for special forces if it's possible at my age but i'll keep you updated.

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you got a tough road ahead of

you got a tough road ahead of you. I had one DUI misdemeanor and nothing else over 8 years ago and I have been in the military since with a security clearance serving in the reserves. Trying to go active duty for me from where I am is hard enough being prior service. They see a moral issue with mistakes and the military sees it more seriously. Wish you the best of luck