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I am currently in high school and am interesed in enlisting. I heard of "The Buddy Program" and I have a few questions. First of all can I really do that?, and can I do this program with my spouse? My boyfried and I might get married after high school and we both want to enlist in the army. If I am married, will my husband and I stay together?

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MSG Glenn
Joined: 08/31/2010
RE: Buddy Program

There are a lot of variables involved. If you choose the same MOS as your "buddy" & sign up at the same time then your chances are good you'll stay together for at least BCT & AIT. If your husband decides to take a Combat Arms MOS (males only) he'll go to OSUT which is BCT & AIT run together as one course & you'll go to BCT & AIT possibly at a different location. In any event while in training you might be in a different platoon or company & probably won't see each other too much.

The Army tries to keep married Soldiers together but the needs of the Army take effect as to where you'll each be stationed. No guarantees. They'll at least try to keep you at the same Army installation even though you might be in different units.

About the only thing I can suggest is to contact a Recruiter & find out what he says. You can do that before graduation. Since a high school diploma is a requirement for enlistment you won't get shipped until after you get your diploma. You can be in delayed entry for up to a year. For those who are ready to go immediately it still is taking about 5-7 months to ship after signing your contract. Either way once you sign your contract even before graduation you still have plenty of time before shipping in most cases. I suggest that you contact a Recruiter soon. We're in about the slowest time of the year for Recruiting & if you wait until graduation you'll be up against a lot of competition with all of the other graduates. It gets very busy in May & June & many of the good MOSs are taken fast. You'll have more choices if you see him right away.