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I was not quite sure how to word that, but I am looking at joining the army in a few months under the DEP when I turn 18. I took the asvab a few months ago and got an 88 so I think I can do almost anything. I was wondering what MOS would help me get a good job in the real world. I plan on getting a four year degree partially in the military and hopefully the rest once my 4 years are over and then a graduate degree afterwards. I have read a few articles on intelligence analyst. CNN reported it being the best job afterwards in the military. Does anyone know anyone who has gotten a job in that field with a college degree and 4 years of military experience. If I'm not mistaken it does come with a security clearance.

Thank you!

Sorry if there's a lot of spelling or grammar errors. I'm using my phone right now.

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MSG Glenn
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@ bradleytjohnson

Spelling & grammar are just fine, Bradley, better than most, lol.

You asked a tough question. What MOS is the best to find a job? Actually any & all will help with your Veteran's preference. I suppose it all depends on what field you want to enter after your Army service. For instance if you wanted to get into law enforcement you'd think that MP would be the route to go. Not necessarily so. My local PD would prefer that their applicants not be former Military Police. It certainly isn't a bar to getting on the department though nor will they have a harder time getting in it's just that they really prefer Infantrymen. All Veterans get Veteran's Preference. I think that's true for all government jobs.

At this time prime MOSs are hard to get & you might have to pick what's available from a short list. Nobody knows what jobs will be hot in 4-5 years. You could choose an MOS that would get you a job in a week if you applied today but after you get out there may not be any openings in that field. If the job you'd be looking for required a security clearance & you received one in the Army that certainly would be a plus.