Becoming a Helicopter pilot

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Ive been considering applying to become a helicopter pilot for a few years now. I'm 28 years old, have a bachelors and have been in the air force as a combat cameraman for 9 years. I've been embedded with army infantry units on my past two deployments and am intrigued by the warrant officer helicopter pilots. I have absolutely no idea where to start but I have finally made up my mind that this is the career I want to pursue. Does anyone have any advise on who I should talk to, what I should study for the qualification tests or any advise pertaining to this field at all?

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Are you trying to become a

Are you trying to become a helo pilot for the army? If so do you have any flight experience or recommendations from warrant officers that are pilots? This is highly recommended to have when applying. You need at least three letters of recommendation and have you ever taken the flight aptitude test?

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Marine requesting info to transfer to Army WO Helicopter Pilot

A current Active Duty Marine NCO will complete his enlistment later this year. He wants info on how to enlist into the Army to become a Helicopter Pilot Warrant Officer coming from a Communications background with good service record and several overseas deployments. Where can he take the Flight Apptitude Test? Who in Recruiting would handle his preparations, as he is stationed on the West Coast when not deployed.

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WOFT Application

I'm currently putting my packet together for the board. I started by raising my GT from a 103 to 117. I have a few questions to ensure I make the most out of what my packet will have included. Please no responses from recruiters I was a 79R, and I don't need advice from you guys. I'm looking for Warrant Officers that know what right looks like. So on to the questions:]

Is 117 as a GT going to be competitive? I know 110 is the requirement but I want to raise from 117 if that won't be.

I'm taking the SIFT next week and I've been studying Fundamentals of Flight and the Military Flight Aptitude Tests for Dummies which actually has some information on the SIFT. I've been studying for about 4 months normally 1-2 hours a day. What should I be shooting for to make me competitive. Passing is 40-80

I currently work at (HAATS) where I am getting the opportunity to learn more about aviation since I was never a part of the aviation community. I received a Certificate for Navigating a landing in Leadville, CO which is the highest elevation airport in North America. Should I add that to my packet? Or is that just a whatever type of certificate.

I am also a Sergeant Audie Murphy Inductee, will that be relevant in the eyes of the board members? I was looking at the last board results and it was a 68% acceptance for 153A's I want to make sure I get this.

What are the pet peeves of the board members, if any? (Such as 1935 not completely full blocks, space left over, basic reference letters, etc.

I just want to make sure I make this application look the part and get me towards my next goal. Any information is extremely helpful.