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Hello My name is Rosa Ruvalcaba and in 16 years old.My plans after high school is to join the Military but I was just wondering if the Army or thE Navy would allow me to join if i have surgery in my back?When i was 13 i had back surgery for my scoliosis and now i have two metal bards and 50 screws.Right now i can do about anything in the world and i really dont have pain or anything well in other words it feels like i never even had it in the first place.In sorry im asking here but my parents are todally against me joining the military and since im underage i cant really go to a recruiters offices without them.Thank you very much for your time and I hope I hear from you soon.

Rosa I. Ruvalcaba

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MSG Glenn
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If your parents...

...won't give consent for you to enlist then you'll have to wait until you're 18. A lot can happen between now & then. Policy changes all the time.

You can still call a Recruiter & ask him what your chances are. He might want to wait until you're of age to even give you an answer but if it's a definite no-go I'm sure he could tell you right away.

Chances are if the Army rejects you the Navy will certainly reject you, too. The Sea Services have been known to be stricter about physical or health problems because proper care is not as available when out to sea.

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Hey. My name Is Lauren Halstead. I'm just wondering, how bad was your scoliosis. And were you ever told if you could join or not. I'm a first year cadet in ROTC at my highschool and have always planned to join the military, and I have scoliosis. It recently got substantially worse, and I may be facing surgery. They are contemplating putting pins/rods in, and I cant find anything saying whether this would disqualiy my enlistment or not. I have other options if I have to, and am just trying to figure out what I can do that will still allow me to enlist. So far all I know is that if I get it down 20 degrees I can enlist with no problems. Anything you may know would be appreciated. Best of luck, and have a great day.

Army Recruiter
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Honestly this is

really hard to get in with. It can only be a certain degrees until i needs to be a wavier and if your saying you probably need surgery then its not looking good. The reason behind this is because of all the weight you will have to carry on your back. Take it from me that has a messed up back now that it can be really painful! And I wouldnt say that you would be able to enlist with no problems after surgery because that will needed reviewed! If they think it can hurt you in long run then they wont allow it.

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This link might help - but

This link might help - but like MSG Glenn said, policy changes all the time, so the best information comes from a recruiter.