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I'm glad to announce new content on the site. Today I've added a section on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). Adding this section required that I compact the US Army Pay and Army Bases section together with the ASVAB in the new US Army Info Center of Army..

You can either click on the US Army Info Center menu item in the top navigation or click this link to go directly to the new ASVAB information!

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SDW10 (not verified)
Which MOS deal with Medical,

Which MOS deal with Medical, and which ASVAB's I should take for them.

MSG Glenn
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Medical MOSs

These are the MOSs currently available in the Medical field -


68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist
68D Operating Room Specialist
68E Dental Specialist
68G Patient Administration Specialist
68H Optical Laboratory Specialist
68J Medical Logistics Specialist
68K Medical Laboratory Specialist
68M Nutrition Care Specialist
68P Radiology Specialist
68Q Pharmacy Specialist
68R Food Safety Inspector
68S Preventive Medicine Specialist
68T Animal Care Specialist
68V Respiratory Specialist
*68W Healthcare Specialist (Combat Medic)
68X Mental Health Specialist
68Z Chief Medical NCO

*Probably the most highly populated & thus easiest to get into is MOS 68W - Health Care Specialist also known as Combat Medic & it also presents the most opportunities for widely varied assignments from health facilities like hospitals & clinics to being stationed with Airborne Infantry units as a Field Medic if you were to try for a 68W/Option 4 contract or even with the 75th Ranger Regiment with a 68W/Option 40 contract (hard to get. Must be extremely physically fit).

The same ASVAB is used for all MOSs. I suggest that you study hard regardless which MOS you decide on. Your score (actually a combination of scores as the ASVAB is a battery of tests) will determine which MOSs you qualify for. Take as many practice tests that you can. Study guides & practice ASVABs can be found via Google. Do this before seeing a Recruiter because he will give you a practice test to see where you're at so he knows what to work with.

bigboydrew (not verified)

hey how u doin how do i practice the asvab test on the internet

MSG Glenn
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I never did it myself but just Google "ASVAB" & there should be some study guides & practice tests. I had looked some up a number of years ago for someone & it seemed uncomplicated.

I would think you could print tests out & take them offline if you wanted to.