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Applied for the Army back in '12 when I was ~19. Was rejected because I have three juvenile criminal charges. including misd. commercial burglary and felony narcotic possession, all happened 7+ years ago.

The Army wouldn't even talk to me after seeing my criminal record (back in 2012). With Trump in office I was hoping the Army would become less restrictive on who they recruit. it sucks they wont consider people like me who have a dark past but want to serve the country.

Are they budging at all on the recruitment standards? I called the Marine Corps last year and they flat out told me NO chance, and to try the Army again. Has anyone on here had a similar experience or was able to get a waiver for a Felony drug charge? Might call the recruiter tomorrow and check again. Curious if anyone has been in my situation and got a waiver granted or at least started?

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MSG Glenn
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I have a feeling that the narcotics charge is the real killer. So far the Army hasn't budged on that nor do I expect they will but you never can tell. The Army has been ordered to increase manpower by 28,000 Soldiers.

There was a short window in the early 2000's when the Army needed Soldiers & felons were allowed to enlist but just non-violent, no theft & definitely no drug charges were let in.