Are their specific jobs for GED holders?

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Will I still be eligible for all the jobs that a regular high school diploma student can become? I just read not to long ago they said that even with a GED you won't be able to become 31b theirs a 0-1percent chance and that is my main job I would like to become. if that is true that GED holders can get only certain jobs which jobs are they eligible for? also will I be able to do reserve?

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MSG Glenn
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@ kambo

There are times that those who only have a GED can't enlist unless they have 15 college credits to go with it.

Army Reserve might have a different policy if they have a need for Soldiers. You would have to take an MOS that your local unit has on their manning chart & have available slots for that MOS. If your Reserve unit has no 31Bs then you wouldn't be able to join with that MOS.

Check with a Recruiter to find out whether you're eligible to enlist with a GED.