Anyone waiting on a moral waiver?

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I am currently trying to enlist in the army, Im 24 and have enough college credits to start out as an e3. But I have a moral waiver(i wont say what it is,it wasnt really that bad but it was bad enough for me to have to get a moral waiver.), i have two traffic tickets, one for a seatbelt and the other for suspended tags. other than that my record is clean. I have completed my packet, took the ASVAB and scored a 94, and had an interview with the commander. My interview went great. I went to meps the day after my interview and passed my health exam as well. Everything has gone really well up until now, my recruiter and even the commander during my interview told me that there shouldnt be any problem with my waiver getting approved. I definitely feel good about it getting approved, but my question long should it take now? I mean, I have completed the packet, took asvab, went to meps, had interview with commander. the rest is out of my hands. if there is anyone who has gone through this, or has some helpful advice, please respond. I have been texting and calling my recruiter nearly every other day. I just want to join the army and start my life. This is literally my dream.

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MSG Glenn
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I answered you up at the top of the page. I forgot to mention - buckle up! LOL.

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lol thanks for the response,

lol thanks for the response, i really appreciate it, and im definitely staying out of trouble now.