Am I disqualified?

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This is something that I could find no concrete answer on. It pertains to a misdemeanor CDV, BUT the charge does NOT fall under the Lautenberg Law. I still have my right to possess a firearm and the charge was dismissed after completion of classes. I am also going to have the charge expunged just in case.

I was arrested in Feb of 2009 for slapping my boyfriend, now my ex. This event took place THREE WEEKS after I gave birth to our son and after he pushed me because and arguement started after he tried to walk out on me, our newborn son, and my, at the time, one year old son. This was admitted to the polic on his part, but he was not arrested. We went to the same court that you would for a traffic ticket, and there he even stated that I shuold have never been arrested in the first place.

I am really determined to find a way to join the Army National Guard. I have worked very hard to lose weight and get in shape, I am even still working on it. Some people have told me that I am disqualified no matter what. If I still have my rights to posses a firearm and the charges was dismissed.expunged, can I join?


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MSG Glenn
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@ kmd88

It could possibly get you disqualified. Contact a Recruiter. He'll be able to tell you what the latest policies are. Getting any charge expunged won't help. They can still be found by Military Recruiters. It might help that it was dismissed & you only had a charge not a conviction. Before you go through the trouble of hiring a lawyer to get the charge expunged see a Recruiter. Chances are it won't make any difference either way. A Recruiter will be able to guide you in what to do.