DoD Submits Retirement Changes to Congress

After a long silence on the issue, the Pentagon has sent its formal recommendations for changes to the military retirement system - changes that include a "blended" retirement option that includes a smaller pension plus government contributions to an individual retirement account.

The Pentagon's Changes

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Reserve and Guard New Retirement Plans

The details for the new National Guard and Reserve "blended benefits" proposal are coming out, and while some groups are unhappy, other groups are looking forward to the increased flexibility and retirement benefits for those who retire early.

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Military Personnel System In Need of an Overhaul

After only 5 weeks on the job, Defense Secretary Ash Carter is worried about both recruiting and retaining the best soldiers for America's military in the coming years. To that end, DefSec Carter has come up with a dramatic change to the US military's personnel system and structure.

Some of his proposed changes:

  • Change the promotion system to put increased weight on skill and merit, and less emphasis on seniority.
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President, Defense Secretary Both Support Retirement Overhaul

The call to change military retirement benefits has gotten some support from those in the upper levels of the government, as both the White House and Defense Secretary Ash Carter both support the idea of overhauling the military retirement system.

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Proposed Change to Military Retirement Could Be Popular

A 200+ page study performed by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit policy think tank, shows that a sweeping overhaul of the military retirement system could be quite popular to many soldiers.

The plan most popular to soldiers, according to the RAND report, would give soldiers retiring with 20 or more years of service a one-time "transition pay" lump sum immediately upon separation. This payout would be around two to three years' basic pay, and in return the monthly "working-age retirement" (under 65) would be capped at a maximum of 25% of basic pay.

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Big Changes Looming for Military Personnel

According to a speech earlier this week by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, the military needs to prepare for some big changes, since meeting future security needs will “require significant change across every aspect of our defense enterprise.”

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Troops would delay retirement for a pay raise, report says

According to a recent report byTodd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a majority of troops would rather have a small (as little as 1%) raise and push off retirement benefits to age 50.

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