Army Creating New Training Opportunities for Civilians

Leadership opportunities for Army civilians are now more readily available, thanks to a more effective roadmap for advancements and new assignments, according to a recent official press release from the U.S. Army.

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With More Vets Returning Home, How Are Colleges Preparing?

The U.S. government estimates that more than one million veterans will return home over the next five years, and with their homecoming comes a huge responsibility to ensure their successful transition back to civilian life. For many veterans, this will include a return to higher education. But how can veterans best prepare for a return to college? And how are colleges preparing to serve those who have served their country?

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Where Dwight Eisenhower and Nine Other Military Leaders Went to College

Major military academies have long been a favorite among top military leaders in the U.S. Check out where these ten military leaders attended college.

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Officer Candidate School Offers a Direct Route to Military Career

For those aspiring to a career with the U.S. Army, the Officer Candidate School (OCS) may provide a direct and stable route to a successful career after completion of a college degree and basic training. One of four paths to becoming an officer with the Army (the other paths being ROTC, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and direct commission), OCS provides two phases of intensive Officer training over the course of twelve weeks in Fort Benning, GA.

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Best Bets for Reducing College Expenses

Well now it's official: 'Tis the season of giving thanks, and celebrating the season with friends and family. As we head into the holidays, some expenses are unavoidable, and perhaps even welcome -- gifts for friends and family, travel, meals with loved ones. So it's not a bad time to take a look at expenses that might be avoided. If you or any of your family members is currently attending college, reducing college expenses is a great way to save money throughout the year, and may be especially appreciated during the holiday season.

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How America Pays for College - Sallie Mae Releases Annual Survey

Financial services giant Sallie Mae has released its annual survey report, How America Pays for College. Now in its sixth year, the survey reports data based on conversations with American families and addresses "important questions about how they meet the cost of higher education and how they view the value of that investment," according to the report. 

Among the findings in this year's survey:

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Keys to Getting Veterans Back to School?

Supporting veterans at colleges and universities across the nation is a key priority for the Obama administration, according to a statement issued by the President at the Disabled American Veterans National Convention last month. As part of his statement at the Convention, Obama outlined 8 Keys to Success that colleges and universities can implement to help ensure a reliable transition to higher education for veterans and service members. Currently adopted by 250 U.S. colleges, universities, and community colleges, the keys to success outlined by the administration are: 

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Live Twitter Chat About College Affordability Happening Now

College education costs continue to rise for students across the country, and with the recent sequestration cuts, Army and other military families are feeling the bite as well, with funding cuts affecting tuition assistance programs that have been a key recruitment and incentive tool for the Armed Forces. 

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Students Equally Successful at For-Profit and Non-Profit Schools

According to a recent government study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) there is very little different in the success rate between for- and non-profit students.

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Take Advantage of New Military Education Resources in the U.S. News Directory

You might not be familiar with the U.S. News Directory, but chances are you've heard of some of the publications it puts out each year, such as Best Colleges, Best Graduate Schools, Best Online Programs, and other educational rankings. These widely read guides give prospective students across the country information and data to help them make informed educational decisions about where to attend college, grad school, law school, med school, and online college programs. And now, the U.S.

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