New VA Proposal to Streamline Outside Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs unveiled a plan earlier this week that would give veterans much better and more streamlined access to private doctors and hospitals - but not without some upfront costs.

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Army Captain to Receive Nation's Highest Honor

Army Captain Florent Groberg will receive the Medal of Honor this week at a White House ceremony, for actions in Asadabad, Afghanistan on August 8, 2012.

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Ranger School is Open for Women!

And just like that, the Army's Ranger School is open to both men and women - without exclusions, exceptions, or fanfare.

One indication that women in Ranger School is now the norm - the Army is treating this class like all the other Ranger candidate classes, and not giving away any information about the students. When asked about the number of women in this class, Fort Benning spokesman Bob Purtiman responded, "We are now running an integrated Ranger course...We are going to treat this like we do the other schools — such as Airborne — in which we don't release that information."

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Core Skills Need Refresh, According to FORSCOM

With the two large-scale deployments for operations in the Middle East gone, the Army is going to need to reevaluate how it prepares soldiers for deployments and focus more on basic skills for individual soldiers in order to prepare for whatever comes next, according to the top commander of Army Forces Command.

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Gender Equality = Women Registering for Draft?

The push for gender equality in all branches of the US military will likely mean that women will have to register for the draft, according to Army Secretary John McHugh. Currently just males 18-25 have to register for the Selective Services System, an independent government agency. Failure to register is a felony and can limit access to things like student loans and government jobs.

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President Obama to Keep Soldiers in Afghanistan

President Obama is planning to keep about 5,500 soldiers in Afghanistan at the end of his presidency - a big shift from his promised withdrawal of all US soldiers from that country by the time he leaves office.

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Reserve Commander Discusses Readiness

According to Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Talley, chief of the Army Reserve and commanding general of Army Reserve Command, budget cuts have been taking a toll on both the readiness and modernization of the Army Reserve - even as the demand for Reserve soldiers and their unique capabilities is on the rise.

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New BCT Testing for Individual Skills Starts Oct. 1!

Army recruits that attend Basic Combat Training will have some new requirements starting on Oct. 1 that the Army hopes will assist in the transition away from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to preparing for future conflicts. The new requirements include a battery of potential tests at the end of each phase of BCT, along with a timed march and peer evaluations.

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Congressman Calls for Women Ranger Records; West Point Grads Respond in Kind

Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK), a Ranger School graduate who served in the Army for 21 years, recently requested documents about the two women graduates of Ranger School, and now some West Point graduates are turning the tables.

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Ranger School Open to Women!

After the graduation of the first women from Ranger School, the Army made a huge announcement earlier this week - Ranger School is open to women without restrictions!

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