Video: RAF F-35B in 4K

F-35 JSF

The first F-35B delivered to the British Royal Air Force was joined by two USMC F-35Bs at the RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo) at RAF Fairford, and they put on a nice demonstration - not only of the F-35's maneuverability, but also the B-variants ability to land vertically.

This was the F-35B's British debut, and it looks like things went quite well!

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Defense Bill Includes Women's Draft Provision

With all combat jobs open to women, it was only a matter of time until this happened, but it looks like women will be required to register for the draft as soon as January of 2018.

Earlier this week the Senate passed a $602 billion National Defense Authorization Act, which included an amendment requiring all women between the ages of 18-26 to register for the Selective Service.

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SOCOM Drills in Downtown Tampa

SOCOM in Action in Tampa

Every year SOCOM (Special Operations Command) puts on a display of badassery around their home at MacDill Air Force Base. This year was no different, as SOCOM staged a "hostage rescue" along with some other typical special operations missions in nearby Tampa, Florida.

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VIDEO: Low-Level Strafing Practice in Little Bird Attack Helicopters

Afghanistan MD-530F Helicopters gunnery practice

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Obama's Push for Vet Hiring - A Rocky Success

Military veterans

The push to improve employment prospects for veterans after they return home is paying off - about one in every three people hired by the federal government now is a military veteran - but it's also causing confusion and resentment in both civilians looking for the same jobs and those doing the hiring.

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Join the Community!'s partnership with DatingFactory is a little over a year old. We have seen the community grow over this time. There is a great collection of members now who are in the military (or wanting to join) and those people who are interested in dating someone in the military.

Take a look around and see who all you can meet today!

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Criticism for the Army's New Handgun Mounts

Army Modular Handgun Program Under Fire

Both the Army Chief of Staff and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) have not had nice things about the Army's current plan to find a replacement for the Army's current handgun, the Beretta M9.

McCain releases another edition of "America's Most Wasted"

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Army Announces Requirements for Women in Special Forces, Civil Affairs, Psy Ops

Special Forces Assessment and Selection rules for women
The Army recently released the new gender-neutral rules for enlisted personnel in three specialty areas - Special Forces, Psychological Operations, and Civil Affairs - and here they are!

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Wounded Warrior Project Execs Fired

The board of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) - one of the America's most well-known charities focused primarily on injured veterans and their families - has just fired the top two executives running the organization.

CEO Steven Nardizzi and COO Al Giordano were both let go from the company this week after reports that donation money had been misused over the past four years.

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Commissary required to spend $4 million to find cost savings

US Commissary
I suppose you've got to file this one under "typical Washington DC logic. Lawmakers have required the Defense Commissary Agency to spend almost $4 million of its budget to study...ways for the Commissary Agency to save money.

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