Army Needs 5,000 Special Operations Soldiers

Although the Army has been steadily shrinking thanks to budget and personnel cuts over the past several years, if you are interested in a job in the Special Operations side of things, you should take action NOW!

Officials from the Special Operations Recruiting Battalion (SORB), say that they are looking for about 3,000 candidates to attend Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) - about 2,000 active-duty enlisted, 1,500 new recruits for the 18X program, and 400 officers.

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Military Pay Raises Not Keeping Pace with Private Sector

Although the 2016 Defense budget calls for a 1.3 percent raise in basic pay for soldiers and their families, the paychecks for military members are still getting smaller according to Col. Mike Hayden (USAF, ret.), the director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America.

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Active Army Below 500,000

For the first time in a decade, the full strength of the active Army has dropped below 500,000 - 498,062 to be exact, according the most recent reports. The reserve component is a little bigger, with 197,126 in the Army Reserve and 349,881 in the National Guard, for a total reserve strength of 547,007 part-time soldiers.

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Obama Proposes Free Community College

Last week President Obama unveiled an incredibly ambitious education plan - provide 2 years of community college to any American - for free.

Based on a similar program in Tennessee, the White House estimates that this plan would cost about $60 billion over the next 10 years. The plan is intended to help the US keep pace with other countries in the 21st-century global workforce.

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BAH Rates Go Up - But Only Slightly

The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes a slight drop in benefits for recipients of Basic Allowance of Housing (BAH) - dropping from 100% to 99% coverage of average rental costs for stateside service members. In addition, coverage for renters insurance will no longer be added to BAH.

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NDAA 2015 Not Expected to Slow Army Aviation Refresh

The fiscal-year 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which also put the Air Force's plans to ground the A-10 on hold for at least a year, is now doing something similar to Army aviation.

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Troops on the Ground to Assist in Iraq

Although they are not directly fighting Islamic militants, the US has about 1,500 troops in Iraq - helping the Iraqi military to repel attacks by ISIS and other militant groups. That number will soon grow, though, as funding was provided in the most recent National Defense Authorization Act for 1,500 troops to deploy in the coming months.

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Sgt. Maj. of the Army Speaks About Training

The top enlisted member of the Army, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler, said that the Army needs to get back to training for a major conventional war and start moving away from the counterinsurgency training of the past 10+ years.

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Congress Insists on Joint Camo Pattern

It looks like uniforms are back on Congress' budget-cutting radar - language in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2015 looks to get rid of service-specific camo patterns, according to an article over at

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Defense Secretary Hagel Resigns

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has officially announced his resignation on Monday, the first Cabinet official to leave following midterm elections that left Democrats the minority in both the House and the Senate. Defense Secretary Hagel, who served as an enlisted soldier during Vietnam, faced numerous challenges during his almost 2-year term.

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