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If I Go the Green-to-Gold Non-Scholarship Option, Can I Use the New GI Bill to Help Pay for School?

Q: I enlisted in 2006 and took the student loan repayment program/option. By summer 2009, the last payment was made to my account. If I go green-to-gold non-scholarship option for Fall 2010, can I use the new GI Bill to help pay for school?

A: Yes you can. Plus you can get paid a $350 per month stipend for up to 10 months a year. On top of that, you get paid to attend the ROTC Advanced Camp between your junior and senior years of college.

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Does the GI Bill Cover Tuition for Graduate Schools Overseas?

Q: Does the GI Bill cover tuition for graduate schools overseas, specifically in the UK?

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Having Signed Up for LRP, When Will I Qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Q: I started service on June 28 of 2007, and I waived my MGIB for LRP. I plan to leave the service shortly after December 28 of 2010. My question is: since the three years of service for the MGIB are finished on June 28 of 2010, and I am leaving six months later on December 28 of 2010, will I have passed the six months necessary to get 50% of the benefits of the new GI Bill? If not, how much longer should I stay in? How can I make sure of this? Thanks for any advice!

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Will Two Days of School Cost Me One Month of Benefits?

Q: I am entitled to 100% (36 months) of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and have transferred those rights to my kids, one of whom has been receiving those benefits for this past semester. My question(s) is -- how are the 36 months of entitlement calculated? For example, my daughter's fall semester begins on August 30, 2010. As I understand it, the benefits are pro-rated for the period of time school is in session. Does that mean I essentially lose 1 month of entitlement since there is only 1 or 2 days of school in that month? Thanks.

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For 9 Months of Service, Can I Get Both the MGIB and Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Q: I was active duty in the Army from July 27, 2004, to May 10, 2005. I was in unit and out of training by February 2, 2005. I received an Honorable Discharge, Medical (Condition Existing Prior to Service/Service-Connected Condition/Condition Interfering with Duty). I have a documented service related disability of 10% and receive monthly disability payments. I was awarded approximately 9 months of Montgomery GI-Bill (Chapter 30) benefits, which I used in their entirety before September 2006. I am currently thinking of attempting graduate school. Could I potentially receive benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33)? Thanks.

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Will the GI Bill Pay For a Technical School Program?

Q: Hello, I have a defaulted federal loan that I'm currently paying on, but it is going to take 6 months of consecutive payments in order for me to apply for school loans again. My question is can I use the GI Bill to go back to school? Let's say I want to go to a school, such as ITT tech. Would I have to apply for loans again, or can I just use the GI Bill. Thank you very much.

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Will Dropping a Class Affect My Post 9/11 GI Bill Army Benefits Housing Allowance?

Q: Hi, I'm currently enrolled full-time at the University of Alabama, and before I drop a course that could really hurt my GPA, I would like to know if I drop one course will that impact my BAH for the entire semester? I would also like to know why we receive partial BAH depending on the start of classes? The logic behind BAH is depending on the location you live in while in school, but most leases start the 1st of the month, so why doesn't BAH cover the full month of "move-in" and "move-out"?

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As a 21-year old Dependent of a Veteran, Do I Have Any GI Bill Benefits?

Q: My dad is a veteran and I'm 21 years old. Do I have any GI Bill Benefits?

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In Addition to Army Benefits, What Veterans, Retirees and State Benefits Are Available?

Q: As well as Army benefits I'd like to see benefits that veterans & retirees are offered. Some states have additional benefits & I'd like to see a rundown on those.

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