Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP)

GI Bill Announces Rate Increase Beginning Oct 1, 2012

Beginning Oct 1, 2012, the Montgomery GI Bill payout rates will increase to keep up with the rising cost of education. Here are some of the new rates:

Upon completion of 3 or more years of enlistment:

Institutional Training

  • Full-Time: $1,564
  • 3/4 Time : $1,173
  • 1/2 Time : $782
  • 1/4 Time : $391

Apprenticeship and On-the-Job Training

  • First 6 months : $1,173
  • Second 6 months: $860
  • Remainder : $547.40
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Back to School Information for Army Vets

A new set of rules are being introduced, and some schools aren't happy about them. Make sure that your classes will be covered under the new plan.

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Veterans Retraining Assistance Program has Released a List of In-Demand Jobs for Vets

The Veterans Retraining and Assistance Program (VRAP) has released a list of 210 in-demand jobs, some which require as little as one year of training.

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In Addition to Army Benefits, What Veterans, Retirees and State Benefits Are Available?

Q: As well as Army benefits I'd like to see benefits that veterans & retirees are offered. Some states have additional benefits & I'd like to see a rundown on those.

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