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What Do You Think My Chances Are At Getting My Delimiting Date Extended?

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Can I Use My GI Bill to Take Online Classes and Still Get Paid the Same?

Q: I was just wondering if I could use my GI Bill to take online classes, and if I will be able to get reimbursed the same way.

A: It depends on which GI Bill you are talking about. The Montgomery GI Bill would pay you the same, as a full-time student, regardless if you are taking classes in a traditional classroom setting or online.

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Since I Pulled Out of VEAP, Are There Any GI Bill Benefits Available to Me?

Q: I was enrolled in the VEAP program in the early 80's and made the mistake of pulling the money that I had invested so that I could get married. Unfortunately, no one told me that I will be forever without educational benefits from that point on. Are there any benefits that I can get since I continued my service to 2004 and retired. Am I out of all options? Even the vocational rehab doesn’t seem like they would help since I currently have a job and am able to hold it with my 30%. Please advise me on what to do? Thank you for your time!

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How Can I Transfer My Montgomery GI Bill to My Children?

Q: I would like to know how I can transfer my Montgomery GI Bill to my children. I retired from active duty Oct. 2007. I have two children and want to ensure that some of their college will be covered? Thanks.

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How Do I Validate My GI Bill?

Q: I have been trying to call and validate my GI Bill, but when I call it says I cannot be connected. It told me I could go online and do it, but I am having trouble finding that. I just need to know why the phone lines aren’t working or why I can’t find it online to validate it. I couldn’t get through yesterday either. Thank-you.

A: I guess I’m having a hard time determining what you mean when you say “validate my GI Bill”. What are you trying to do?

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Is It Necessary to Certify My Attendance Monthly?

Q: I attend Lawson State Community College in Alabama. My concern is should I call in to certify my attendance for the previous month or is it the school's responsibility? If it's my responsibility I need my file number.

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How Can My Wife Use the Rest of My Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Q: I have an honorable discharge from the National Guard with roughly 2 years active service to due to Operation Iraqi Freedom. My question is can my wife use the rest my GI Bill or whatever it is called to get her school paid for? If so where do I start to get the ball rolling? Thank you.

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Will I Be Able to Receive Benefits from the Post 9/11 GI Bill?

Q: I did 5 and a half years in the Navy. I got an honorable discharge for my first five years from Dec. 2004 to Dec. 2009. I then re-enlisted, but unfortunately I received an OTH. I was told I am able to receive benefits. Will I be able to receive benefits such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill? If so, what do I need to do?

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How Do I Increase My Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance?

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Can I Get the Additional 12 Months of Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits?

Q:Hey Guys, I have a question about my remaining months on the GI Bill. Last year I changed from the "traditional" GI Bill to the Post 9/11. I am rated at 100%. Recently I was accepted into a really great Dental Hygiene program that lasts 30 months. When I began I only had 18 months remaining (because of previous schooling that doesn't count towards this degree). My question is am I still eligible for the additional 12 months via the rule of 48 or by mandate and if so, how can I talk to the VA to ensure this happens? -KG

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