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Changes in the Federal Tuition Assistance Program May Be in the Future

As Congress keeps looking for ways to cut the budget, one Department of Defense (DoD) program that keeps coming up for review is the Federal Tuition Assistance Program – a popular program used by servicemembers to pay for post-secondary education classes taken in their off-duty time.

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Can You Live the Seven Army Values?

People join the Army for a myriad of reasons. Some need a paycheck; others join for the education benefits they can use while serving and and others for the GI BIll benefits after getting out. However, serving is serious business and you will be held to a certain standard once you are in uniform. If you are thinking about enlisting in the Army, you will be expected (and held accountable) to live by the seven Army Values of:

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Aim High and Be All You Can Be

Another September 11th past this month; this one being the 10th anniversary of that terrible event none of us will ever forget. Since that day in 2001, thousands of men and women have enlisted in the Army, as well as the other sister services, as a patriotic way of helping our country prevent that attack from ever happening again. 

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Can I Get The Full Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance By Going to a Technical School?

Q: How many credit hours are required to be considered "full time" to receive BAH. I'm about to get out of the Army and would like to know if I would receive BAH while going to a technical school (Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology)?

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Can I Still Get Living Expenses After My Benefits Are Used Up If I'm Still in School?

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Are There Any Programs My Husband Can Use to Pay Off My Student Loans?

Q: I am not sure if this question was answered somewhere. But I was going to school before I met my husband. And I finished after we were married and all, so can I get a portion paid in my loans or is there anything I can do now? I went through Kaplan, which is a school I have seen on the site. I am just not sure what requirements are as in how long we have to be married, or how long he has to serve.

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If I Got I Out in 1969, Do I Have Any GI Bill Benefits Left That I Can Use?

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Am I Eligible for College Benefits With Both an Honorable and General Discharge?

Q: My first enlistment was honorable, but later in my career I received a general discharge. Am I eligible for college benefits?

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With an OTH Discharge, Can I Still Use My GI Bill Benefits?

Q: Hi, I am being discharged with an OTH. I have been under this enlistment since August 2010. My first enlistment was from Jun 06- Aug 10. Can I still receive my GI Bill? And also can I receive disability benefits? And unemployment? Any help on this would be Great!

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As a PHS Officer, Can I Transfer My GI Bill Benefits to My Girls?

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