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VA Launches New G.I. Bill Comparison Tool

Earlier this month the Department of Veterans Affairs launched a new online GI Bill Comparison tool, enabling veterans, servicemembers, and their dependents to get at-a-glance information about their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. The tool allows users to quickly calculate their benefits as well as get useful information about colleges and universities approved by the VA, and college affordability data.

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Pay for College With the Post 9/11 GI Bill

If your military service qualifies you for full scholarship benefits, one of the most comprehensive you can receive is money for college from the Military GI Bill. You can find plenty of information about the GI Bill education benefits on this site, and over at CollegeEducation411.com we've also compiled a wealth of information about the GI Bill scholarship program, its benefits, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and more. Read more about Paying For College With the Military GI Bill.

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Paying for College With the Military GI Bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill is an excellent source of financial support for veterans to further their education. The bill also covers housing in addition to tuition expenses. Veterans are eligible to receive benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill if they have at least 90 days of aggregate service after September 10, 2001, or those who were discharged with a disability related to their military service after 30 days. The discharge must have been honorable in order for the individual to be eligible for benefits. Eligible individuals can apply benefits to cover:

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GI Bill Announces Rate Increase Beginning Oct 1, 2012

Beginning Oct 1, 2012, the Montgomery GI Bill payout rates will increase to keep up with the rising cost of education. Here are some of the new rates:

Upon completion of 3 or more years of enlistment:

Institutional Training

  • Full-Time: $1,564
  • 3/4 Time : $1,173
  • 1/2 Time : $782
  • 1/4 Time : $391

Apprenticeship and On-the-Job Training

  • First 6 months : $1,173
  • Second 6 months: $860
  • Remainder : $547.40
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House Passes Bill to Protect Vets Returning to School

Tuesday the House passed HR 4057, a bill aimed at protecting veterans from aggressive recruiting by some schools. The bill prevents schools from giving veterans any sort of monetary bonus from recruiting them or providing them financial aid. Any school which does provide a bonus would be ineligible for GI Bill funds, meaning veterans would have to pay for schooling out-of-pocket.

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Back to School Information for Army Vets

A new set of rules are being introduced, and some schools aren't happy about them. Make sure that your classes will be covered under the new plan.

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Veterans Retraining Assistance Program has Released a List of In-Demand Jobs for Vets

The Veterans Retraining and Assistance Program (VRAP) has released a list of 210 in-demand jobs, some which require as little as one year of training.

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Money for Flight Training? Check out the GI Bill!

If you've ever wanted to become a pilot for a major or regional airline, but were put off by the huge expense of flight school, the Army can help you! The GI Bill can be used to help you get your pilot's license with government money, so you can make your dream a reality.

Read more about how at The Military Times Edge.

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Be COOL - Join the Army

Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) is another great education program available to you by joining the Army.

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Is the Montgomery GI Bill Still a Good Choice?

The Army is still offering the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) as an enlistment incentive option. If it is still an option when you join, I recommend you decline it. Here's why.

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