Army Wives & Spouses (MyCAA/MSCAAP)

Education Benefits for Military Spouses

Is your spouse enrolled in college or interested in going back to school to complete a degree or earn an advanced degree? Money for college from the U.S. Army does not just apply to enlisted and reserve personnel. Resources and support are also available for your dependents and family members.

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12 More States Make it Easier for Military Spouses to Work

12 more states have now passed laws that make it easier for military spouses to find employment when they transfer from base to base. Transferring certification or licensing from state to state has long affected many spouses, especially in highly-trained professions such as nurses, teachers, counselors, physical therapists, and others.

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The Army Wants Spouses to Succeed

As an Army spouse, you can expect to move several times during your husband or wife’s enlistment or career. In the past, this made getting a post-secondary education difficult at best. Moving meant you had to transfer from school to school, many times having to take the same classes over again, because the credits would not transfer to your new school.

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I Heard the MyCAA Program is Changing. Is That True?

Q: It’s my understanding that some adjustments to the old MyCAA program will be happening soon. What exactly is changing? How do spouses get the maximum benefit?

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With Him Having Only a Year In the Army, Can I Use My Husband's GI Bill?

Q: My husband is currently in Afghanistan. I plan on going back to school. He's only been in the Army a little over a year. We are done paying into the GI Bill. We thought that I could use his benefits because he already has a degree. Now I am being told that he has to fill out the information. No one is really helping me to find the answers and he can't be reached. Can you tell me what I can use and how? Thank you.

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If Something Happens to Me While Serving in the Army, Are My Husband and Children Taken Care Of?

Q: If something happens to me in the Army and I have a husband and kids, what will happen to them? Do they get any service or help if something happens to me? A: There are many Army benefits available from Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, along with the Social Security Administration. For example, if you are killed or die from a service-connected disability, your dependent children and spouse get from the VA:

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