Army Scholarships

Pay for College With an ROTC Scholarship

If you're considering a career in the military and want to receive your education and military training while in college, there are few options better than an ROTC Scholarship. You can find plenty of information about the Army ROTC program on this site, and over at we've also compiled a wealth of information about the ROTC program, its benefits, eligibility requirements, application procedures, participating colleges and universities, and more.

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Back to School Information for Army Vets

First - although it's to late for this year, if you're looking at college for next year make sure you ask yourself the right questions. Here are a list of questions to ask yourself and your future school.

Next we have tuition assistance for veterans - a new set of rules are being introduced, and some schools aren't happy about them. Make sure that your classes will be covered under the new plan.

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How Do I Go About Being An Occupational Therapist In the Army?

Q: Jon, one of our readers, sent us a snippet of his background as it relates to two questions he wanted to ask. "I have my master's degree in Occupational Therapist and am working as a therapist at a Level One trauma hospital. I am interested in receiving more information about a career in the Army as an Occupational Therapist.

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In Addition to Army Benefits, What Veterans, Retirees and State Benefits Are Available?

Q: As well as Army benefits I'd like to see benefits that veterans & retirees are offered. Some states have additional benefits & I'd like to see a rundown on those.

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