Canadian Army Summary

The Canadian Army is the largest part of the Canadian Forces with over 19,000 full-time soldiers and 16,000 serving as reserve forces. It consists of three Mechanized Brigade Groups composed of units stationed in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. In those groups are three infantry battalions (two mechanized, one light), an armored regiment, an artillery regiment, a combat engineer regiment, a reconnaissance squadron, an engineer support regiment, an air defense regiment, an electronic warfare squadron, and several combat support, communications, medical, and service support units.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Applicants for the Canadian Forces must satisfy the following, at a minimum:

  1. Canadian citizenship
  2. 17 years of age (with parental or guardian consent) or older. If you are participating in the Regular Officer Training Plan and are a Junior applicant, you must be 16 years of age or older.
  3. Meet the minimum education requirements for your selected military occupation: Grade 10 (or Secondaire IV in Quebec) and any additional educational prerequisites your occupation specifies.

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