How To Strike a Balance Between Army Life and College Life

If you are enlisted in the Army and have also chosen to attend college or graduate school, you probably already understand that a delicate balancing act is called for in order to achieve your goals. Striking a balance between college and military life can be challenging, but it's certainly possible with planning, preparation, and clear goals.

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On the Fence About Getting a GED? It's a Must -- And Here's Why

If you haven't finished high school and are considering getting a GED, the benefits of getting your high school diploma equivalent far outweigh the time involved in achieving this goal. A high school diploma or equivalent is really essential in today's world, and can often make the difference in terms of your military prospects, employment, job security, positive self image and more. Read on for the most important reasons why getting your GED is a must -- not an option.

A high school diploma or GED is required to enlist in the Army.

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New Medal for High-Tech Warriors Causing a Stir

Earlier this month the Pentagon revealed its new citation for the 21st century, the Distinguished Warfare Medal. This award is intended for drone pilots, offensive cyberwar personnel, and others directly involved in combat operations, but not physically in the combat theater of operations.

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Prevent and Treat Shock

Shock is a life-threatening medical condition which is the result of insufficient blood flow throughout the body. Medical shock is a medical emergency and could lead to other conditions if left untreated. Medical shock is different than emotional, or psychological, shock that can occur following a traumatic or frightening emotional event.

Anticipate shock in all injured personnel. Treat all injured persons as follows, regardless of what symptoms appear:
· If the victim is conscious, place him on a level surface with the lower extremities elevated 15 to 20 centimeters.

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More Troops Coming Home in the Near Future

At the State of the Union address President Obama announced that this time next year 34,000 more US soldiers will be home - halving the 66,000 US troops in Afghanistan currently.

Although it's unclear how many US soldiers will remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014, currently the US and Afghanistan are negotiating over the size of the residual force that will remain in Afghanistan. According to a senior US official the Afghani forces are leading almost 90% of the operations across the county and by this spring they will be taking the lead, with US forces taking an advisory and training role.

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Army Release Memo on Sequestration Impact

With sequestration looming, the Army has released a document showing how the budget uncertainty will drastically impact the training and readiness of its soldiers.

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Attending College Online? How to Balance Your Studies With Work and Family.

Attending college online is a great option for many students seeking higher education. For those in the military, online colleges offer the convenience of being able to attend classes regardless of where they are stationed. But even though online colleges and universities offer many conveniences, staying on track with your online degree requires discipline and planning -- and finding the right balance between school work and your other commitments, such as work, military service, and your family.

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Applying to a Community College

If you've decided to forgo a traditional four-year university for the time being to attend a community college, congratulations on taking a positive step toward your future. Community colleges can provide the basis for very useful skill sets and knowledge -- much of which may certainly benefit your service to the Army. If you've decided to apply to a community college, there are a few application procedures that you should be aware of.

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Should You Attend College Online or On Campus?

If you've made the decision to go to college (and good for you if you have!) now comes the decision of where to attend. If you are eligible to receive money for college from the Army, a financial aid package from a particular school (perhaps including an ROTC scholarship or other funds) may influence your decision in favor of that college. But other factors will certainly play into your decision. Now, one of those factors will be how you want to attend college -- on a traditional campus or online.

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John Kerry Approved by Senate as Secretary of State

When President Obama tapped Sen. John Kerry to replace outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a strange word began to pop up that hasn't been heard in a while - bipartisan.

Several prominent Republican Senators, among them John McCain (Arizona) and Bob Corker (Tennessee), voiced enthusiastic support for Sen. Kerry, with Sen. McCain even introducing him at the opening of the confirmation hearings. This bipartisan support was more than just talk, with Sen. Kerry sailing through the confirmation hearings with only 3 "nay" votes.

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