ASVAB Question of the Week: Oct 23, 2013

This week's question tests your vocabulary knowledge:

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Is a SpongeBob SquarePants gravestone disrespectful?

Recently, a soldier's gravestone was approved by a cemetery, the stone was erected, and then the cemetery changed their mind and pulled the marker out of place. Oh, it just so happens the gravestone in question is a seven foot tall Army-themed SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Tuition Assistance Resumes -- With a Catch

The 16-day government shutdown cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars, and U.S. military servicemembers felt the hit in many ways, notably with the suspension of Tuition Assistance, relied on by thousands of servicemembers to help offset the cost of higher education. 

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Lack of Flexibility Highlights Sequestration

There were a lot of casualties from the government shutdown earlier this month, but one big one for the Pentagon was a simple concept - flexibility.

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Government Reopens, DoD Still Has Questions

With the government reopened, most branches of the Federal government are back to business-as-usual and trying to pick up where they left of 16 days ago. However, the deal that reopened the government did nothing for the specter of sequestration that has overshadowed the Department of Defense for months.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Oct 16, 2013

This week's ASVAB Question of the Week is here!
Here it goes:

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Applying to College? Consider ROTC!

If you're on the road to college and looking for ways to foot the bill, the Reserve Officers' Training Corpos (ROTC) scholarship program may be right for you. Competitive scholarships, a monthly living stipend, and allowances to cover books and other expenses are just a few of the benefits ROTC cadets enjoy while attending a four-year college or university. You'll need to commit to basic military training while in school, and a service commitment to the U.S. Army when you graduate. Students who qualify often go on to successful careers in the military and beyond. 

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VA Department Benefits to Run Out In November

Although the shutdown hasn't been easy for soldiers and veterans, if the government doesn't get back to work before November 1, things will get much worse for vets.

According to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki the VA won't be able to send out out disability benefits, living stipends and tuition checks to approximately 5.2 billion vets and their families.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Oct 9, 2013

Our first ASVAB Question of the Week:

It's pretty easy, and we'll be back tomorrow with the answer! Good luck!

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Military Tuition Assistance Denied During Government Shutdown

As the government shutdown enters its seventh day, the impact on the military is palpable, with education benefits taking a big hit.

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