Army Creating New Training Opportunities for Civilians

Leadership opportunities for Army civilians are now more readily available, thanks to a more effective roadmap for advancements and new assignments, according to a recent official press release from the U.S. Army.

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ASVAB Question of the Week March 12, 2014

Here is this week's ASVAB Question:

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Army Opens 13A Field Artillery Officer Positions to Women

Another MOS has opened most of its doors to women - a directive sent out today opens most 13A Field Artillery Officer positions to women as well as men.

This will open up about 1,900 potential jobs to women in the active duty component, and a combined 1,700 in the Reserve and National Guard. This does not open up field artillery officer positions in the special operations units or certain positions which may have "Male" attached as a skill identifier.

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ASVAB Question of the Week March 5, 2014

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Army Robotics Program Supports STEM Education

In December, four engineers in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District participated in a regional First Lego League tournament designed to promote STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and help to invigorate a new generation of STEM professionals.

One of the military family teams, going by team name "Team Lego Raiders" earned first place in the winter competition, which took place at Ashland Community and Technical College in Ashland, KY.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Feb 26, 2014

Here is this week's ASVAB practice question - solve the given equation.

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New Pentagon Budget Details Released

The Pentagon's new budget proposal was released on Monday, and it would bring the deepest and most expansive compensation cuts in 40 years. These cuts are necessary, officials say, to pay for the increased cost and complexity of modern weapons and equipment.

Some of the major cutbacks are:

  • Another pay raise of only 1 percent
  • Cuts to commissary subsidies
  • A roll back in Basic Housing Allowance benefits
  • Increased fees for health care for both active duty and veterans
  • Reducing personnel levels to pre-World War II levels
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ASVAB Question of the Week February 19, 2014

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Army Emergency Relief Scholarship Program Applications Now Open

As of January, the Army Emergency Relief scholarship program is accepting applications for the 2014-15 school year. Now awarded solely on the basis of financial need, the program handed out 4,629 scholarships last year, totaling more than $10 million to spouses and children of Army soldiers.

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New System Allows Military to Report Bad Practices at U.S. Colleges

While online college may be a convenient and affordable options for many veterans and servicemembers, there have also been plenty of reports of for-profit colleges and universities engaging in deceptive recruiting and other misconduct when it comes to the military community. In response, the federal government has instituted a new system for servicemembers and vets to report such incidents, with the hope of empowering students and strengthening enforcement.

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