ASVAB Question of the Week: Dec 11, 2013

This week's ASVAB question tests your knowledge of electronics:

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Dec 4, 2013

Here is this week's ASVAB Question of the Week!

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Sidestepping Obstacles to Achieving Your College Degree

When it comes to planning for college, you're likely to put a lot of thought and preparation into selecting the right school for you as well as the application process. But perhaps just as important is to plan a strategy to make sure you stay on course to completing your degree.

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Best Bets for Reducing College Expenses

Well now it's official: 'Tis the season of giving thanks, and celebrating the season with friends and family. As we head into the holidays, some expenses are unavoidable, and perhaps even welcome -- gifts for friends and family, travel, meals with loved ones. So it's not a bad time to take a look at expenses that might be avoided. If you or any of your family members is currently attending college, reducing college expenses is a great way to save money throughout the year, and may be especially appreciated during the holiday season.

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Nov 27, 2013

This week's ASVAB question of the week is a very important Thanksgiving-related problem:

Check back tomorrow for the answer, and from all of us at, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Choosing Courses to Take Online

Attending an online college or university is often a great option for service members, given the flexibility and convenience that such courses offer. But even if you choose to attend college on a traditional or base campus, taking some courses online may also be a good option -- particularly if you will be stationed away from you campus for a length of time. Adding some online college classes to your mix may help you stay on course with completing your degree, even when you need to be away from campus. 

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Extreme Cost of Personnel May Be Exaggerated

Although it's a common refrain from some of the top brass, the rising cost of the military may not be related to the expense of personnel.

When Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was speaking to a Washington think tank recently, he said that without significant in the area of personnel compensation, the military is at risk for decreased readiness and with limited equipment. DefSec Hagel urged Congress to "make tough choices to bend the cost curve on personnel."

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ASVAB Question of the Week: Nov 20, 2013

Here is this week's ASVAB Question of the Week! Good luck!

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States Pass Policies to Provide College Credit for Military Service

The National Conference of State Legislatures reports that the current influx of veterans applying to colleges and universities is the largest group U.S. higher education admissions offices have seen since the end of World War II. And according to a recent article in USA Today, the large contingent of college-bound veterans has spurred at least 26 states to adopt legislation requiring that state-supported institutions of higher education offer veterans college credit for their military service. 

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Veterans to Get COLA Increase

A bill providing a cost of living increase to disabled veterans, their dependents, and veterans with low incomes has passed through the Senate as of last Tuesday, and is making its way to the White House for a signature by the President.

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