Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached, but Sequestration Pushed Back 60 Days

Yesterday Congress passed a bill averting the so-called 'fiscal cliff' on New Year's Day. Although Congress was able to come to an agreement on some items, many critical budget items were not able to be agreed upon in time.

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Protective Underwear Proving Effective

It seems that the Department of Defense has been focusing their attention on boxer briefs - namely a new pair that will help with improvised explosive devices in the field.

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What it means when things suck

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Turning Your Army Service Into a Civilian Career

If you are in the Army, but don't want to make an entire career out of the military, you may be wondering what you can use your military skills for once you are discharged. Fortunately, the Army already has some resources in place to help your transition be as easy as possible.

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If You Want to Teach, the "Troops to Teachers" Program May Be For You

If you have thought about a career in education after leaving the Army, but aren't sure how to make it happen, the Troops to Teachers (TTT) program can help make it happen. This program is run by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), which supports the voluntary education programs of the Department of Defense.

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Pearl Harbor Anniversary

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Army PaYS Program Partners Soldiers With Participating Businesses After Discharge

One of the most difficult things about leaving the Army is finding a job - many times companies don't appreciate or recognize the skills gained by soldiers simply because the soldiers have little documentation that employers love so much. The Army's Partnerships for Youth Success (PaYS) program is an attempt to help match qualified veterans with companies that want and need skillful employees.

When you enlist in the Army, you are offered an opportunity to participate in the PaYS which tries to match an MOS with a particular job in participating companies. There are many companies which

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Most Vet-Friendly Schools Released by has released their annual ranking for colleges which are doing the most to help and educate vets.

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Basic Cold Weather Survival Tips

It is more difficult for you to satisfy your basic water, food, and shelter needs in a cold environment than in a warm environment. Even if you have the basic requirements, you must also have adequate protective clothing and the will to survive. The will to survive is as important as the basic needs. There have been incidents when trained and well-equipped individuals have not survived cold weather situations because they

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After 20 Years the Cause of "Gulf War Illness" May Finally Be Known

More than 20 years after the Gulf War had ended, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center may have finally discovered the root cause.

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