Where Should Our Money Go; the Pentagon or Food Inspection?

Mitt Romney's plan for reducing the size of the federal government and its deficit also involves a large increase in the size and spending of the Pentagon. To accomplish this, it means his plan will cause large cuts to federal programs such as Medicare, NASA, Homeland Security (including the FBI and Border Patrol), food inspection, veterans health benefits and pensions, air traffic controllers, transportation, education, national parks, food aid for pregnant women, and health research.

These cuts go even deeper in Romney's proposed budget than they do in House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-Wis) proposed budget, which Romney says he generally agrees with. At the same time many of the above programs are being whittled down, Romney suggests increasing the Pentagon budget by $100 billion dollars, or having military spending reach 4% of GDP.

Even with the details given about Romney's proposals, it is impossible to say exactly what would happen, given the lack of specific information regarding cuts. With so many crucial federal programs on the chopping block, it would certainly be controversial.

Should we sacrifice more to give the Pentagon more?

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