Video: Final Flight of an Apache Pilot - Awesome!

Final Flight in an Apache for Peter Gordijn
Peter Gordijn, a Dutch Apache helicopter pilot and author of the book "Wakker!" ("Awake!") takes us along for the ride during his final flight as an Apache pilot.

While we've seen quite a few low-level flights in fast jets, low-level has a different meaning to a helicopter pilot. For these guys, low-level means making groundhogs duck (do they have groundhogs in the Netherlands?) and looking up at bushes!

This video is just awesome, and I can't imagine the emotions going through Peter's head as he taxis back that final time! Make sure you set this video to HD and be aware that the music is a bit on the loud side!

"Wakker!" can be found on, although it is, naturally, in Dutch. Hopefully, an English translated edition will be available sometime in the future! Until then just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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