New Call To Active Duty Program Opens 50 MOSs to Prior Service

The Army is beginning the Enlisted Call to Active Duty Regular Army Program for prior service soldiers who meet certain requirements and want to reenlist. Recently 18X Special Forces has been the only MOS available for prior service, however, soldiers with MOS experience in infantry, engineer, field artillery, air defense, aviation maintenance, special operations, military police, medical, ordnance and quartermaster may be able to rejoin in a different MOS.

Some other criteria for soldiers wanting to enter this program:

  • Applicants who have been out of the Army for more than 36 months, and would require basic training, are not eligible.
  • Senior NCOs in the ranks of sergeant first class through sergeant major are not elibible, unless granted a waiver.
  • Applicants who would exceed the retention control point for their rank at the time they are accessed on active duty are not eligible.
  • .

If you are interested in this new program, see a recruiter near you soon. The program is scheduled to begin in fiscal year 2013 (October 1, 2012).

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Helping out

I am 55 years old and in better shape now than I was at 35. Sure would be interested in helping the armed forces if there is a way for me to do so.

@ Rick Smallfoot

About the only thing you could do to help the Armed Forces is to try to get a civilian job with DoD, Department of the Army or any of the other services. Sometimes jobs are available. How you would go about that is unknown to me. Maybe you could call a local Reserve Center or National Guard Armory & ask them how you could apply, either with them or anywhere else. You're definitely too old to enlist as the max age is now 35.

Navy vet

I'm a veteran of the Navy who is interested in becoming an active duty member of the Army. My EAOS was Sept 25, 2009. My rate was Interior Communications Electrician. I was a Third Class Petty Officer and also went TAD to security forces and went to both SRF Basic and Advanced schools and was an armory supervisor. I was wanting to look into my options as far as what MOS'S i would qualify for. I was interested in the Ammunition Specialist MOS.

call to active duty

I am a current drilling National Guard soldier and I would think that the Call to Active Duty would allow a direct transition from the reserve force to active duty. But I am 46 years old and with 7 years prior service does not bring me into the age 35 range. If I am serving in the army in the capacity of an Army Soldier now and I am good enough to be called to action then I would think that I should also be good enough for active duty. My last APFT score was 275 and I am in better shape than most of the younger soldiers. The last AR 601-210 that I could find still states the age cutoff at 42 - I don't know - just confused a little

@ IC3 Holobaugh & Marcos

All I can suggest is to contact a Recruiter. He'll be able to tell you whether the Army will accept you.

Marcos - sometimes ARs are out of date. Recruiters get the messages before they're posted to the entire Army. Policy can change almost monthly. Any confusion can be settled by giving a Recruiter a call. Maybe presently serving Soldiers in the Reserve Components are under a different rule. I honestly don't know.


Can anyone with direct knowledge please explain #5 of the new CAD MILPER Message?

I was recently discharged ARNG and my MSO was completed that same day, so I am a civilian or (veteran).
How does #5 of the CAD message apply to me for enlisting AD?

For all other requirements to join I am good to go and I have been waiting for openings in my MOS's, of which, two are on the list.

Thanks in advance for your knowledgeable response.

I am curious as to where this

I am curious as to where this information came from. I have contacted my recruiter and he knows nothing of this. I am still unable to go active duty as a medic and they will not retrain me in a mos that is needed. I have tried researching this but can not find it anywhere other than here. Can you please tell me how you came across this or if it is even true. Thanks

Source for this entry's info


This blog entry was posted in reaction to the following article in Army Times back in June:

In that article it cites - "For details about the Enlisted Call to Active Duty Regular Army Program, see MilPer Message 12-156, which was released May 21 by Human Resources Command. The message amends an earlier directive issued April 24."

I hope this proves helpful to you.