Army Tattoo Policy Change Coming!

A new tattoo policy that will do away with the limit on the number and size of permissible tattoos is coming soon, thanks to input from soldiers and officers throughout the Army.

This new policy, which won't take effect until the new revision of Army Regulation 670-1 is published, would allow soldiers (and potential soldiers) to have tattoos on their legs and/or arms as long as the tattoos are not visible while wearing an Army uniform. The ban on neck, head, face, and hand tattoos as well as any tattoos that contain extremist, sexist, or racist content will still be in place, however.

According to the new Sergeant Major of the Army, Dan Dailey, this revision to Army regulations came about primarily due to input from soldiers unhappy with the more restrictive policy. According to an interview with SMA Dailey was surprised that soldiers were still expressing concern over the new tattoo regulations almost a year after the more restrictive regulations went into effect. A large number of soldiers felt like the regulation was not only halting their career advancement, but it would cause good soldiers to leave the Army and have a negative impact on future recruiting.

Despite being announced on April 1st, SMA Dailey wanted to make it clear that this was no April Fool's prank - "April 2nd comes quick", he said.

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