Syrian's Prime Minister Defects, Anonymous Source Says

In yet another blow to President Bashar Assad's regime, his Prime Minister, Riad Hijab, appears to have abandoned his post.

A spokesman for Hijab, speaking from the Jordanian capitol of Amman, has said that Hijab has defected, although he would not say where to. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one Jordanian official said that Hijam would be leaving Amman to head to Turkey or Qatar. Jordan's Information Minister Sameeh Maaytah denies that Hijab has defected at all, possibly afraid of angering their larger, more powerful neighbor.

This defection comes after the assassination of Assad's Defense Minister, his former Defense Minister, Intelligence Chief, and his brother-in-law, a General in Syria's Army. Currently the Syrian government and rebels are both in intense fighting over the countries largest city, Aleppo.

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