Pentagon Gives Green Light to Soldiers Marching in Uniform at Gay Pride Parade

With the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" comes another victory for gay and lesbian soldiers - they can now march in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade in uniform. Last year, about 200 soldiers marched, but wearing t-shirts of their respective branches, not in uniform. The Defense Department, which doesn't normally allow soldiers to march in uniform during non-military parades, made an exception for the San Diego parade because its organizers encouraged the move and the event was getting national attention.

This move comes only weeks after the Pentagon joined the rest of the US government in marking June as Gay Pride month, and only a year after the repeal of the long standing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law, which prevented service members from revealing or asking about their sexual orientation and threatened homosexual soldiers with a discharge.

The Pentagon has stated that this exception is only for this years parade in San Diego, but that military personnel wearing civilian clothes do not need permission to march in any parades.

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Mixed emotions

I'm glad that gay soldiers can now serve openly - tell people they are serving and participate in a gay pride parade.

What concerns me is that DoD decided on this one-time exemption. I don't understand why this parade is allowed to feature soldiers in uniform when so many other good reasons for soldiers to march/protest/speak out are not given such exemptions. I'm left wondering why DoD decided to do so - need the marketing for recruiting gays in California/US? political ploy for Obama to highlight the repeal of DADT as part of his credentials for 4 more years?

Either DoD has prohibitions on wearing of uniforms at political functions or they don't, no cherry picking which causes are okay and which are not.

Also mixed emotions

I thought the same thing, Roadkill. Can't wear the uniform here. Can't wear the uniform there now all of a sudden it's alright on a one-time basis. Since we're not supposed to discriminate in any way can this be called discrimination by allowing special privileges? How would they feel about wearing a uniform in a "straight rights" parade? A Republican or Democrat parade? Tea Party?


The reason that this exception was made was for Obama and his Military hating tool bags to show how much they support the ruination of the military by starting with the repeal and further adding insult to injury by allowing the pro-sexual deviants to show their support and make it seem as if the whole military supports sexual deviants. By them allowing this exception it does exactly what they tell us them not allowing us to wear our uniforms to such things does. I think if they are going to allow this exception I should be allowed to go in uniform to the PROP 8 trial in DC in uniform and walk with those who support prop 8. Also I think that if that LT who was kicked out for being a fruit is allowed back in he should get in trouble for wearing his uniform at a protest in DC while he was out, or maybe when I retire I'll start wearing my uniform to protest things and see how quick they try to get me.

Special Privileges

I find it discriminatory that my husband can not wear his uniform proudly in any other type of parade nor could he wear it to promote something he believes in. To me this is a form of promoting your beliefs and the Department Of Defense gave them special privileges that should not have been allowed. To be treated equal and fair is what the Gay Community wanted from the Armed Forces and that is what they should have; nothing more or nothing less than the rest of the heterosexual men and women are allowed. The Armed Forces should have no room for double standards whether it be women/men or heterosexual/gay this should have never happened and I hope it never does again. I would like an answer as to why the Department Of Defense said yes to something they knew was against Armed Forces' policy??? Maybe the up coming election???

Inconsistent Policies

I am MAJ Philip Crabtree, and I am an ILE student at the Command and General Staff College (CGSC). As part of our curriculum, we've been assigned the task of participating in a BLOG. I've chosen this issue, because it is timely and affects the sentiments of millions of civilians and all service members.

In regards to service members being permitted to wear their uniforms at a recent gay pride parade in San Diego, CA, the special consideration given to a special interest group is inconsistent with a service of impartiality and equal opportunity (EO). While Soldiers who are homosexual are welcome into the armed forces, the spectacle created by including service uniforms in a gay pride parade is inconsistent with the apolitical stance of the military and the professionalism required of military service members.

I arrive at that last point by analyzing the historical examples of gay pride parades that have included deviant sexual behavior on display in public such as bondage, S & M role play, and drag queens. The DOD's allowance of service members to participate in such an event while wearing their uniforms doesn't just imply endorsement but ACTUALLY gives endorsement to those types of behavior. The Pentagon held a gay pride event in June where service members could wear their uniforms in a professional environment and celebrate the recent abolishment of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. This would seem to be enough, as public affairs and news media were given the opportunity to report on the event. Individual military installations were also able to hold their own events to recognize the contributions to homosexual service members to the defense of our nation.

The willful disregard of military professionalism opens a difficult can of worms. This was a blatant poliiticization of homosexual service members for seemingly political gain. The participation was certainly not a recruiting effort, since we are downsizing and are well within our recruiting numbers. Now, how will the DOD respond to service members who want to wear their uniforms at a National Day of Prayer event or at Pro Life events? Will they be allowed? Will service members be barred from patronizing establishments such as Chick-fil-A who opposed homosexuality and homosexual marriage? Is morality (or the DOD's sense of it) being forced down American service members' throats? Only time will tell.

I fixed ...

...a couple of misspells for you, Sir.

Exactly my thoughts. Its getting embarrassing for me as an Army retiree getting asked by Army Vets & civilians "what's happening to the Army?"

Not the same

You are sadly mistaken if you think welcoming the radical left into the armed forces will create an atmospere of fairness. Wake up folks. Radical leftist are bent on one thing. Subjegating you to their warped view of morality. They will use any and all means to force you to do what they want. They are a-moral and so have no intention of treating you with fairness. Don't let them fool you. Wake up and fight them as you would any other enemy trying to take over your country. They will destroy the family as we know it and gladly sell out this country to foreign powers if it serves their adgenda. Time to take a stand.