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Wounded Warrior Project Execs Fired

  • 03/11/2016 - 09:18

    The board of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) - one of the America's most well-known charities focused primarily on injured veterans and their families - has just fired the top two executives running the organization.

    CEO Steven Nardizzi and COO Al Giordano were both let go from the company this week after reports that donation money had been misused over the past four years.

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Commissary required to spend $4 million to find cost savings

  • 03/07/2016 - 09:02

    US Commissary
    I suppose you've got to file this one under "typical Washington DC logic. Lawmakers have required the Defense Commissary Agency to spend almost $4 million of its budget to study...ways for the Commissary Agency to save money.

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The Army's Force of Future May Be History

  • 02/26/2016 - 09:19

    It looks like the Force of the Future initiative - which is Defense Secretary Ash Carter's plan to recruit and retain soldiers with extensive levels of technical experience - may be a thing of the past.

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Army Leaders Recommend Another Round of BRAC

  • 02/25/2016 - 09:31

    According to the Army's report to the Senate Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee on defense, budget cuts have forced the Army to only focus on near-term readiness, instead of future potential conflicts. In order to save even more money, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley and Acting Army Secretary Patrick Murphy both recommended another round of BRAC - Base Realignment and Closure.

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Army Recruiting Goals Tougher for 2016 and 2017

  • 02/24/2016 - 08:57

    Army Basic Combat Training Obstacle

    While the Army does expect to reach its annual recruiting goals of 62,000 soldiers in both 2016 and 2017, it doesn't expect these goals to be met easily, according to materials submitted to Congress in early February.

    These materials suggest that recruiters will face challenges in meeting recruiting goals due to improving economic conditions, more stringent policy restrictions, and reduced incentives.

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