Veteran Unemployment for April Good News. Too Good, Actually.

The unemployment rate for Post-9/11 veterans fell dramatically in April, from 9.2% in March to 7.5%. The unemployment rate for all veterans also fell from 7.1% to 6.2%.

Although these drops are great news, they may be statistically invalid. The change in Post-9/11 unemployment shows huge gender differences (women dropped from 11.8% in March to 7.2%, while men went from 9.2% unemployment to 7.6%) that may reflect a small sample size of Post-9/11 veteran women, which would skew the sample results.

The overall job situation also calls into question the sample results. Last month the economy grew by 165,000 jobs, causing the unemployment rate of 7.6% in March to drop only to 7.5% in April. There is good news, however, since the overall unemployment trend still continues in a downward direction. In a sample of 372 metropolitan areas, the unemployment rate has dropped in 306, remained steady in 22, and risen in 44.

We will have to wait until the numbers for May to determine whether or not these unusual results for April were an anomaly or just unexpected good news.

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