"Get Skills to Work" Campaign Trains Vets for High-Tech Jobs

A new jobs initiative run by the Manufacturing Institute and partnering with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Electric and Alcoa plans to help veterans train for high-tech manufacturing jobs.

The "Get Skills to Work" program plans to start training 15,000 vets right away, with 85,000 more over the next 3 years. In America, there are around 600,000 high-tech manufacturing jobs unfilled, since many workers lack the necessary skills for such jobs.

The "Get Skills to Work" campaign joins other corporate and government programs such as the "Hiring Our Heroes" program which has held over 300 job fairs in the past year, and the "Joining Forces" campaign which has already found jobs for 175,000 veterans. Home Depot is also holding a career workshop for veterans on October 27, covering resume building and interview techniques for all types of jobs.

The "Get Skills to Work" program will provide accelerated training through regional colleges as well as programs to help both veterans and interviewers understand how military skills translate into the manufacturing sector. This comes just in time for veterans - although the general unemployment rate is down to 7.8%, for veterans the unemployment rate is around 9.7%.

Learn more about this program at GetSkillstoWork.org, or download the PDF file below. Also find out about Home Depot's Oct. 27 workshop at HomeDepotMilitary.com.

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