Education Benefits for Military Children and Dependents

Your military service is recognized not only through educational support for you, but also with resources for your family and dependents. Are your children, grandchildren, or other dependents nearing college age? If so, you'll want to check out some of the resources we've compiled over at Our article Money for College for Children, Grandchildren, and Dependents of Veterans and Enlisted Military Personnel will give you a wealth of information about the funds available and how to get started with determining eligibility and applying for funds.

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Dependent of Deceased Veteran

My father was Capt. Robert M. King. He died in Dec. 1985 in Gander Newfoundland. I am his only biological son. He and his wife adopted a son. Since his death I have not received any of the benefits a serving child would receive. How can I go about finding out what I may be eligible for?